Wednesday, February 08, 2023

40 Spring & Summer Seasonal Activities For Kids

Spring is in full swing and the glorious summer won't be too far behind it with it's warm, balmy days and lots of opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Spring and summer are my absolute favourite seasons and I think they give lots of inspiration for outdoor activities for the kids. I'm all for living a seasonal year and love to embrace the elements of each season and I hope to instill this in my own children too.

If you're in need of some spring and summer activities for kids inspiration then look no further! Here are 40 spring and summer activities for kids, each one as lovely as the next!

How many of these will you cross off the list before the colder months roll around again?

1. Get chalk and make footpath/concrete art
2. Have a teddy bears picnic
3. Visit a bluebell wood
4. Make 'perfume' with flowers and water
5. Make daisy chains
6. Go searching in rock pools

7. On a very hot day go for a nature walk in the woods to cool down
8. Go for a bike ride
9. Pack a picnic and take the kids the beach straight after school
10. Make a scrapbook about their summer adventures/holiday
11. Set up an ice-cream sundae station and let the kids make their own sundaes
12. Make homemade ice-lollies
13. Take out the paddling pool and let the kids have a pool day

14. Set up a sand and water table for the kids to play
15. Plant seeds/bulbs for the garden
16. Make sandcastles

17. Have an Easter egg hunt outside (we have a woodland Easter egg hunt each year)
18. Have a water gun/water balloon fight
19. Make a camp/playhouse in the garden with sheets (great for sheltering kids from the sun!)
20. Paint pictures outside and let them dry in the sun
21. Go shell/sea glass collecting

22. Visit the beach as much as you can
23. Make spring themed crafts
24. Make an Easter tree (here's our DIY Easter tree for inspiration)
25. Do a summer reading challenge to keep the kids interested in reading books
26. Visit a petting zoo/open farm to see all the baby animals in spring
27. Go camping

28. Visit a lavender farm
29. Go paddling in the sea
30. Try flower pressing

31. Put together an Easter basket for the kids (see our Easter baskets for kids for inspiration)
32. Make a bucket list of places to visit during the summer holidays and visit as many as you can
33. Go to a drive-through/outdoor movie night with the kids
34. Teach the kids to swim
35. Do a beach clean up and give the kids a prize/rewards for collecting rubbish

36. Makeover their playhouse (see our shabby chic playhouse makeover for inspiration)
37. Let them have a pool day and BBQ with their friends
38. Go searching for daffodils (we take my sons birthday pictures with the daffodils each year)
39. Take them fishing/crab fishing
40. Let them wash the car/their toys in the garden (my boys love washing their toy cars/dinkys!)



  1. Gorgeous uplifting read xx (Fourcandles)

  2. Lots of fantastic ideas there! Lovely photos too. I'm at work next week, on rota in my primary school looking after key workers and vulnerable children so I've punched a few activities tmfrom this list if that's ok. The children will love them!


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