Sunday, April 21, 2019

Our Bluebell Wood Easter Egg Hunt ♥

This year marks five years of our annual woodland Easter egg hunt tradition.

The woods are the best setting for our Easter egg hunt because we're a family of outdoor lovers - and the fact that our garden has no hiding spaces at all! Tyler regularly states that he loves the woods, it's one of his favourite places to go and both boys love our little woodland adventures.

I'm so glad to have started this lovely Easter tradition for our family and I hope the boys will have fond memories of these sweet little woodland Easter egg hunts for years to come.

This year we decided to go for a new woodland setting for our Easter egg hunt, to the beautiful Ballyannan Woods - or 'bluebell woods' as we like to call them and I'm sure you can see why.

Every April and May these woods explode into a sea of beautiful bluebells and it makes for the most magical sight. These gorgeous bluebells were the perfect backdrop to our little Easter egg hunt.

The boys had great fun searching for the eggs and found them quite quickly - they could never miss a morsel of chocolate anywhere, even in the woods! They had a fab time and happily sat enjoying their chocolate gatherings once they had collected them all.

Beau was keeper of the basket during the hunt and of course, was far more interested in eating the chocolate than getting his picture taken!

This outfit Beau's wearing is the Easter outfit that just keeps on giving! It's been worn by both Tyler and Beau every Easter since 2015! I'll be sad when it finally goes into retirement!
You don't need a lot to make an Easter egg hunt in the woods, just some decorations to hang off trees - I love bunting because it looks great in photos, some markers to show the kids where the eggs are in general and a basket for collecting everything. It's so simple but really is a magical place to have an Easter egg hunt.

Traditions like this are so important to me and I'll be carrying them on for however long the boys (and any new siblings they have along the way!) want to continue joining in with them for. I love that we capture all of these memories on camera too. It's love to be able to capture moments in time to last forever.

You can see all of our other woodland Easter egg hunts throughout the years here.

Happy Easter everyone!



  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful children what a lovely post

  2. These photos are just beautiful!


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