Monday, August 26, 2019

One of Ireland's Most Beautiful Cottages, Swiss Cottage, Co. Tipperary ♥

During our collaboration with Visit Tipperary we returned to a place which we visited many years ago when Beau was a baby and Tyler was much younger, the beautiful Swiss Cottage.

Swiss Cottage is an absolute gem of a place. It's a beautiful traditional thatched cottage which looks otherworldly. It's a place which I'd love to call my own and I think everyone who visits thinks the same way!

Years ago we did the guided tour around the house with the boys, but now that they're much older we knew that they wouldn't go quietly from room to room, so we decided to just admire Swiss Cottage from the outside while they played about in the grass.

Swiss Cottage doesn't allow any photography inside or on the guided tour either, so keep that in mind if you're someone who likes to take pictures of the attractions you visit. There is, however, lots of beauty to admire and appreciate on the outside of Swiss Cottage so that's exactly what we did.

I have to admit, I wouldn't say that Swiss Cottage is the most family friendly attraction to visit in Tipperary, simply because the inside is full of beautiful, precious things and I'm the mother of two very wild boys, but we fared fine when the boys were younger (and less rowdy!) and they did have fun running around outside during this visit.

They were even happy to take some pictures outside with me, so that for me alone was worth the visit to this beautiful ornamental cottage.

Swiss Cottage is located alongside the River Suir and it's in such a beautiful location. You can walk the 2k Coronation Walk from Cahir Castle if you're up for it - we did during our first visit in 2016, or you can drive close by to the cottage. Swiss Cottage is accessed by steps but back in 2016 when we visited we had Beau in a pram and were able to lift it up the steps and leave it in the reception area. You can read about our first visit to Swiss Cottage here.

There was a beautiful glimpse of the river through the trees from the outside of Swiss Cottage.

Swiss Cottage opens in March and closes on the 3rd of November for 2019. Entry is €5 per adult and €3 per child or €13 for a family, which I think is quite reasonable.

If you're someone who loves and appreciates beautiful cottages and houses (and I know there are a few of us from speaking to people on Instagram!), then Swiss Cottage really is a must visit!

 You can find out more information about Swiss Cottage here and you can also follow on Instagram @swisscottageopw for regular updates.



  1. What a stunning cottage. Fab photo's to show it off on your post, really wish this place was closer, we'd love to see it.

  2. Stunning pictures, look like you had a lovely day for it. I suspect my whirlwind children are not ready for the tour though!

  3. What a beautiful cottage, looks magical. This tour sounds great and love your pictures- will have to visit to see what the inside looks like!

  4. The pictures look lovely from the outside. I'm sure the inside looks great too. I wish I could visit it someday. Nice place!

  5. A beautiful cottage to visit and explore, I'm not sure that my children would be keen on seeing the inside, that being said, the outside is stunning.


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