Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Parson's Pet Farm, Co. Tipperary ♥

Last week we travelled to Co. Tipperary in collaboration with Visit Tipperary and had a great couple of days exploring the south of the county and what it has to offer for families.

The first stop on our adventures in Tipperary was to Parson's Pet Farm, a spot which we had never been to before but one I knew the boys would love as it offers animals, an indoor and outdoor playground and lots of farm themed things to look at.

The pet farm is also on the site of a caravan park and I have friends who camp there regularly and who told me how much they enjoy it there so I was really looking forward to taking the boys.

On entering the farm there are some sheds with various displays of 'old farm life' as I'd call it. There was a room set up as an old farm kitchen and the boys enjoyed looking at all the old 'appliances'! There was also a room with rabbits inside and the boys enjoyed looking at them. There were children taking out and playing with the rabbits, but as there were no staff around I decided it best to not let the boys play with them - I know other open farms have set times for petting the animals but didn't see that information given at Parson's Pet Farm, so just be aware of that if you're children are looking to pet animals at a farm.

We strolled down towards the farm walk and Beau took a shine to a lovely horse, as you can see in the picture above! The walk around the farm was lovely as the farm is situated next to the river and has the mountains in the distance. It's beautiful and peaceful and there are tractor tyres dotted around to sit on and look at the animals.

Most of the animals were resting during our walk around the farm, and the boys were zooming past them to get back to the outdoor playground, but they did stop for the very friendly deer. I think they share my love of deer!

There's a beautiful picnic area down by the river, with a willow tree which had swans and cygnets underneath. It was all very pretty and in the sunshine it was a lovely spot to have a little bite to eat. There was also a boat tied by the river but I didn't see any boat rides taking place during our visit.

Before we left the boys really wanted to see the indoor playground so I let them go in for half an hour. The indoor playground was small but it kept them happy while we were there.

We spent an hour at Parson's Pet Farm and the boys told me they really enjoyed it and I think that's the main thing. It's smaller than other open farms we've been to and there wasn't any opportunities for petting the animals or talks by staff but the boys enjoyed it nonetheless.

Entry to Parson's Pet Farm for one adult and two children is €14 which I think is very reasonable.

You can find more information about the pet farm and the camping facilities at Parson's on their website and you can follow their Facebook page for regular updates.


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