Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Beau Samuel James | Three Years Old ♥

Dear Beau,

You are now three years old! I know it's such a cliché thing to say but I honestly can't believe how quickly these three years have gone by. I guess time really does fly when you're having fun!

You are always by my side little boy and even though you're three and supposed to be a 'big boy' now, you're definitely holding onto your endearing babyness that we all love so much. Forever our 'Baby Beau'.

You were like a little lamb with your baba and even now you refuse to give it up of your own accord, so we've had to stop it completely. You ask for it every night and I feel all the mum guilt that I won't give one to you, but I definitely think three years old is quite enough for a baby bottle - even if you were super cute drinking from it.

You still love your beloved teddy and he goes everywhere with you. He's like the Velveteen Rabbit he's so shabby and worn from all the love you give him, but I hope he'll still be your pal for a long time to come.

You're such a car obsessed little boy and you're never without a dinky. They are your favourite thing to play with and you're always tipping the whole basket of them out on the floor - much to my dismay! Mess is never far behind you Beauzie!

You love music, especially grunge and metal. You're a boy after mama and dada's heart. Anytime I put a CD on in the car you start headbanging and pretending to drum. You're the cutest little rocker we know.

Your favourite colour is yellow and you're always drawn to everything that's yellow. You love singing songs, especially the Finger Family Song and you know so much! You surprise me every day with all you know and although your speech isn't fluent yet, it gets better by the day and you're constantly coming out with new words.

You love your brother very much. You're the only one he lets anyone call him 'LeeLee'. He gets you out of your cot most mornings and you're always happy to give him a hug and a love. You miss him a lot when he goes to school but we try to enjoy these mornings where it's just you and I for now because they'll all be over in 5 short weeks!

In September you'll start in preschool and you're more than ready for it. I'm excited to see you be around kids your own age and all the friends you're going to make. It'll be a big change and I'll miss my little walking buddy but I know you'll love school and all the playing and learning it'll allow you to do.

You're the cheekiest little boy I know, but also such a little love and I wouldn't have you any other way. I love you so much and may have shed some tears over you turning three - after all, you are my baby, but I'm so excited for all the years and adventures we still have to look forward to.

Happy third Birthday Beau Sammy Jamesy!

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