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Quinny Hubb | Review ♥

*We were gifted the Quinny Hubb for the purposes of this feature, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

In my six plus years of being a mother I've gone through my fair share of prams and pushchairs. Not because any of them have been unreliable or have broken, but because I genuinely love testing out new strollers and finding ones that work well for our everyday needs.
A pushchair is something which I have used every day since my boys were small and I've used them on all kinds of terrains and for our daily morning walks.

We were recently sent the new Quinny Hubb and I was excited to try it out with Beau. Beau is only just three but he's quite a tall boy, so finding a pushchair in which he can be comfortable for our daily walks was a big must for me.

The Quinny Hubb has a gorgeous design. I chose the navy and grey colour pack (although the grey comes across as a lovely pale mint green) and there are five others to choose from, and it's a lovely, spacious and comfortable pushchair for little ones, allowing for lots of growing space and a large basket for storing anything you may need on your travels with them.

The Quinny has adjustable straps which are easy to clasp together. The straps can be undone easily by parents by pressing the button on the front.

The Hubb comes with a host of connectors that allow it to be adapted for your life and family dynamic - or any additional children! There's also a wooden buggy board available for the Hubb and it can become a duo for twins or children of similar ages. It really is a super versatile pushchair!

The seat can be put forward facing or outward facing and is easily changeable by pressing the buttons at the side of the seat and lifting it up. It slides into position via the connectors very easily. I love this because I hate having to faff about with pushchairs and other baby/child orientated products, especially one I have to use on a daily basis.

The seat can be put into three positions and is fully reclining so that children can nap comfortably. The end of the seat is can also be positioned as a footrest or put downwards for taller children.

Setting up the Quinny Hubb is really easy and I didn't need any instructions to put it all together. To raise up the chassis you simply press the button on the chassis rises up. The handle can be lifted higher or lowered by pressing the large grey button on the handle.

The Quinny Hubb is a dream to push. It glides along on walks and the large wheels keep it from wobbling even on the most uneven of surfaces. This makes for a comfortable ride for little ones, wherever you may be walking! It's easy to get up and down on footpaths and although it looks quite large, it's really lightweight and easy to carry up and down steps if need be.

The hood on the Quinny Hubb is amazing and so much more extendable than other pushchairs I've had over the years, which is great as it really helps to keep the sun out of Beau's face as we walk along. The hood can be extended by unzipping the middle section and completely covers him. It's also UV 50+ which is great as those UV rays seem to be very strong this summer!

The Quinny Hubb is an amazing pushchair and a great choice for any parents who are looking to invest in a pushchair that will be comfortable for their child but also functional for any future children. It's a great investment pushchair and one that can be used for years to come.

The quality of the pushchair is amazing. It's sturdy without being heavy, it's fab to push, is comfortable for even tall children like Beau and has all the space you need for anything you need to bring on your outings. The tagline Quinny have used for the Hubb is - "Ready for anything" and I think this is definitely very true and fitting for the Hubb.

The Quinny Hubb is €699 and is available to purchase online and from all good baby shops such as Mothercare, Bella Baby, etc.


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