Thursday, May 23, 2019

5 Ways To Make Your Home More About the Kids ♥

Having kids really is a feeling like no other. People often roll their eyes are this sentiment – hearing about how you never really understand real love and compassion until you have a child of your own is understandably an annoying and frustrating thing to hear. It can seem like a smug and elite thing to say, but it’s completely true, isn’t it!?

That said, as you love your little ones as much as do, you’ll want them to live in a home full of love, opportunity, manners, fun, and a bunch of other important things. To do this, you’ll need to dedicate a little bit of time to the place and create an environment that is kitted out for them – it won’t just fall into place. There are many things you can do, and you probably have your own ideas, but let’s go through a few things that can make any home more about the kids.

Create A Playroom 
If you have a spare room and you don’t have any plans to make it anything productive yet, then turning it into a place for the kids could be a great idea. They’re constantly looking for something to play with and can get very annoying when they’re bored, right? It doesn’t have to be too much at this stage. Even though a lot of kids are into technology, they can still get a lot out of very little at their young and fragile age. If you don’t currently have a room to spare, then you could always make space in your living room. You could even do something bigger like converting the garage into something new.

Make Space For Them In The Garden 
Your garden is your blissful place of relaxing and getting away from everything, traditionally, but similarly to the play room idea, perhaps you can leave a little area free for them to roam around in. It could be like an outside area just for them. Little trampolines, slides and other little things like that may work. If they’re slightly older and have outgrown that stuff, then perhaps they’d like some sports stuff like a soccer ball and a goal.

Give Their Bedrooms Personality 
Living and sleeping in a bland and boring room might be alright for some, but kids like to have a little bit of pizazz surrounding them. Perhaps you could let them choose the decorations and furniture. There are hundreds of beds, chests and wardrobes on sale, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something. If they’re not old enough to choose properly, then pick something that they’ll probably love and spice up their place.

Let Them Enjoy The Kitchen
Cooking can be a pain at times, but it’s an essential part of living, so you may as well enjoy it as much as you can. It’s also an excellent skill to have, and if your child can do even the most basic things at a tender age, then that’s a good start. You can even buy child friendly kitchen utensils for helping to peel and cut veg safely, so that they can help with food prep and have fun learning a new skill.

Make Everything Child-Friendly
There’s always something that can go wrong in a house, so your job is to make sure that it’s limited. It would be wise to make sure they don’t hurt themselves or damage anything by child-proofing as much as you can. Limit the number of sharp edges, keep them away from plug sockets, hang photos on the wall instead of having them on the desk. It’s all just a bit of common sense.


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  1. Really great tips! You're so right, there really is no feeling like having a child <3

    Renee @ Maritime Mama


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