Saturday, April 20, 2019

DIY Decorative Twig Easter Tree ♥

I can't believe that Easter is here again. Honestly, I feel like the older I get the quicker time passes because it honestly doesn't feel like that long ago since we were celebrating last Easter.

Last year I made an Easter tree for the first time and I loved how it turned out. I found some beautiful twisted branches, some still with leaves attached, on the woodland floor and created my first ever cheap and cheerful DIY Easter tree with them.

This year I decided to make another Easter tree, this time out of twigs - half bought (the pastel pink twigs are from Aldi) and half foraged in the woods. I love Easter, spring and summer are my favourite seasons and what's not to love about a time where the sun is shining and everyone is gifting each other chocolate?!

The twigs I found in the woods weren't as gnarled and curved as I'd have liked but they did come with little pine cones which I thought were quite cute. I just popped them in a vase, along with the pastel pink ones I had bought and began decorating.

 I decorated the tree with some off cuts of ribbon I had hanging around - I always save ribbon anytime it arrives to me through packaging, some glittery egg decorations I bought from Dealz years ago (sadly I couldn't find any more this year) and I topped it all off with a pale pink bunny silhouette.

I have to admit, I do prefer last years Easter tree, it just seemed a whole lot more grand. But, I do love my cheerful little twig tree in the corner of the kitchen. It was a labour of love that I decorated as my boys were covering themselves in mud in the garden! It didn't cost me anything to make (bar the pastel pink twigs) and it's nice colourful and cheerful addition to the house during Easter time.

I made a little Easter corner to go by the Easter tree, with a basket for eggs - I can't pop the eggs in until Easter Sunday because the boys will eat them but Beau lent me his Jellycat bunny for it! I also added my letterboard and the Easter wreath my Nan gifted me for my birthday.

It's such a sweet little display and I'll be sad once it's time to take it down.

Happy Easter everyone!


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