Friday, April 19, 2019

Free Children's Springtime Easter Colouring Pages From Wayfair ♥

*This is not a sponsored post, I just simply like the Easter colouring pages and wanted to share them - anything that's free and keeps the boys entertained is always a winner with me!

Easter holidays are in full swing and we're all thoroughly enjoying them. These lazy mornings are pure bliss, not only for me but for the kids too who hate the whole rigmarole of getting ready and rushing out the door every morning.

It's so lovely to have a break and now that the sun has appeared it's made the Easter holidays even sweeter!

Even though I love having both kids at home with me all day, it can be quite a challenge to keep them both entertained and happy, while not totally wrecking the house!

I love finding free activities and resources to keep them entertained and Wayfair have the perfect Easter activity for kids with their Springtime Easter Colouring Pages. I printed these out this morning for the boys (there are three in total), gave them some colouring pencils and off they went, colouring to their hearts content.

The colouring pages are adorable too with bunnies and chicks on them and I wanted to share in case any other parents are out there trying to keep there kids entertained and from taking out every toy in the house!

Free resources like this are always great to have on hand during the holidays and these colouring pages kept my boys busy for a good half hour at least! Now we have some Easter themed art of theirs to hang on the kitchen cupboards too.

Happy colouring and Happy Easter!


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