Thursday, November 22, 2018

4 Ways To Make Your Home More Comfortable ♥

We all want our homes to be places that are comfortable and welcoming. Your home should be a place that you can rest and recuperate. Somewhere to escape from the pressures of the outside world. Creating a space that makes visitors feel at ease is especially important if you do a lot of home entertaining, and comfortable home living is an important interiors goal. But how do you make your home look and feel more comfortable?

Here are my four top tips:

Create a Focal Point
How many rooms have you walked into to find that all the furniture is pointed at the TV? Every room needs a focal point, but it shouldn’t be something digital if you’re trying to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. A fireplace or wooden log burner would both make incredible focal points for a living room, but they can be expensive to install. A console table displaying treasured objects and family photographs is a fun, affordable alternative. Feature walls are also a great way to draw the eye and create a huge impact: these are much easier to put together than you might think, using favourite photos, art pieces, and even doodles and drawings from your children. Inject your family’s personality into your wall and people will immediately get a feel of who you are as soon as they enter the room. It’s a great project to update your home if you’re on a tight budget.

Think Hygge
Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish concept that has become the latest buzz word in interiors over the last 18 months. There is no direct translation of the word, but the hygge concept is all about coziness. About taking the time to snuggle down, switch off your TV and all of your devices, and spending quality time as a family. To make your home more hygge you should embrace warm neutral colours (such as whites, creams, browns and greys) and have an abundance of cushions and snuggly blankets available for family members and guests alike to snuggle underneath and get as comfortable as possible. This is the Hygge book I have if you want to read more about it.

A hygge home is a welcoming home, and it’s the perfect theme to introduce when it’s cold and frosty outside. Add steaming oversized mugs of hot drinks and your guests will never want to leave. Want to invest in one key piece to help make your home more hygge? Try a comfortable and oversized sofa that you can sink into after the end of a long day: after all, no one wants to come home to a creaky sofa with broken springs!

Focus on Warmth and Light
A comfortable room is a room that is warm and well lit. These are two of the most important elements that every room should achieve. Why not consider installing smart technology into your home that will enable you to control your heating and lighting remotely from your phone. This will ensure that you never have to come home to a cold or dark house again.

Strip lighting and bright overhead lighting can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re trying to create a comfy environment. Instead invest in a couple of dimmable table lamps, so that you can create and control your own lighting scheme. Candles of different heights and sizes are also a great option for injecting warmth into a home, and this is a wonderful option if you’re working on a tight budget too. By ensuring that your room is always warm and controlling the lighting scheme, people will always feel comfortable and welcome in your home.

Warm Up the Bed
Finally, it’s a little trick, but it’s one that will make a huge difference to how warm and cozy your house feels. No one wants to get into a cold bed in a cold room at the end of the day, so if you have house guests (or you just want to make your home feel as comfortable as possible for yourself and your own family) then pop a hot water bottle between the sheets 5-10 minutes before you head up to bed. This will ensure that your bed feels warm and toasty, and will make getting into it feel like a pleasure each night.

Everyone wants their home to be as comfortable as possible, no matter what the time of year. With these simple tricks, you’ll never have to worry about whether your house guests feel warm and cozy again.

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