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Some of the Best Countries in the World To Raise A Family In ♥

If like me, you’re a bit of a travel addict, then there’s always the chance you might get sick of where you live and want to move your family elsewhere. It’s a natural way of thinking, particularly after experiencing different parts of the world and seeing how other countries live.

By no means am I saying everyone should pack their belongings and emigrate to a new place right now! But, if you enjoy travelling and feel like it’s time for a change, then why not? My partner Jacek emigrated from South Africa and moved to Ireland when he was twenty-two, thirteen years later and he's still here!

Ultimately, your decision should come down to what is best for your family. So, here are some of the best countries in the world to raise a family in.

Canada is almost like the US, but better in pretty much every single way for families. Many people from Ireland and the U.K. have started going over there, and you will soon see why. From a purely aesthetic point of view, it’s a beautiful country. There are snowy, mountainous regions, and then there are big and bustling metropolitan cities. If you don’t end up moving here, then I highly recommend it as a family holiday destination instead!

This country treats people that emigrate there very well so you won’t have to worry about being singled out. Plus, it’s a mostly English speaking country, so there’s no language barrier to be concerned with either. Even in the French areas, people still speak fluent English.

Arguably the biggest reason to come here is the healthcare system - it’s probably the best in the world. There are loads of schools as well, and it has a reputation for being a friendly and welcoming country - perfect for families.

There are massive cultural differences in Asia that make it a pretty brilliant place to raise a family. Children in this part of the world are exposed to exceptional educational systems, but the main issue is the language barrier. I chose Singapore from a whole list of countries here because it’s the most modern and westernised place of all. A lot of people speak English, so it shouldn’t be hard for you or your kids to get by.

However, the main reasons this makes the list are the safety of the place, the job prospects, and the property. A quick look at the latest Singapore property news will show you that houses are very cheap over there. Not only that, but they’re diverse as well - you have plenty to choose from when looking for a family home.

Along with this, there is no shortage of work, and some of the biggest companies in the world have bases here. Lastly, it has a very low crime rate, which is what every family wants to hear!

You only have to go to your local Ikea to see that the Swedes have it all figured out. This country has always been at the top of everyone's list of the best places to raise a family. If you want to keep your family in Europe, then this is probably the second best place to go - the first best will be discussed later on! What makes this country so perfect for raising a family? Well, I discovered numerous things that will very much interest you.

For one, you get loads of paid leave when you work in Sweden. Most employers will give you a minimum of five weeks off - plus over 450 days of parental leave if you have kids - and all of this is paid. Furthermore, the health care system is really good - you pay a bit to start with, and then it ends up being free.

The education system follows in the same vein, it’s free for children to go to school, and many of the universities are also free as well - provided you’re an EU citizen. There are plenty of jobs for you to apply for, and the language barrier isn’t overly difficult to get around.

Plus, the public transport system is good, and there’s a nice laid back and friendly way of life here! Also, as a random bonus, Sweden can boast some of the fastest broadband speeds in Europe - which I’m sure your family will be pretty happy about.

If Sweden takes the silver medal, then Denmark sits at the top of the podium with a gleaming gold one around its neck. The two countries are very close to one another, some may even refer to them as Scandinavian brothers. After seeing how brilliant Sweden seems, how can Denmark raise the bar and be an even better place to raise your family? The two countries are pretty similar, but here are some key things that make Denmark amazing.

Much like Sweden, Denmark is built around the core concept of equality. The aim of the government is to try and give the people as much as they deserve. Taxes are high, but you see all of what you pay pumped back into the country.

Healthcare and education are easily accessible for every single person that lives in Denmark - as is childcare. What’s more, there’s a big emphasis on getting the work-life balance right. As such, working weeks usually are 37 hours long, with most businesses closing at 4 pm, giving you an extra hour in the evenings with your family.

Plus, you get that massive five-week holiday pay as a minimum here as well. Probably the biggest thing that sets Denmark apart from Sweden is the safety and security. It has a very low crime rate, and people feel incredibly safe living here. It’s a great place for kids to grow up, a wonderful place for adults to work, and just a downright super place to live.

So, there you go; some of the best countries to raise your family in if you want to move abroad. The one thing I suggest is that you go on family holidays to any destinations before you think about moving there. It’s just the smart thing to do as you can learn more about the country and get a taste for life there.

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  1. Sweden is similiar to Sweden. You get all these benefits in Germany too. Even when your kids are sick and you are in work, you are entitled to three weeks in a year. It's a bit of a joke that you only get three days every three years or so.
    We all know any health system in the world is better than the Irish one lol You picked some good destinations here. I am a travel addict and would have no problem emigrating somewhere, considering I am an expat myself. :)


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