Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday #9 - My Herbalife Journey ♥

These Weigh-In Wednesday posts seem to come around a lot quicker than I expect them too, it seems like only yesterday I was writing last weeks post. It's been a week now since we've been back and the first two days I was exercising mad, eating healthily, doing everything right but the last few days I've been absolutely starving! I have, however, been keeping active and have gone on walks, done my exercises to ZuzkaLight on YouTube and have been running around after my little toddler who won't sit still! The workout I do on YouTube is the Absolute Beginners series. There are six videos which are all between 7-16 minutes long and each video works out a different area of the body. Even if I get to do just one video a day I can feel the burn which is fantastic. Here is the first video of the series (my favourite one!) and you can see the rest if you subscribe to the channel.

I've run out of my Personalised Protein Powder and my coach won't have any until this week so not getting my protein has made me feel really hungry and has resulted in me not really losing any weight - something which I'm getting quite frustrated about, why have I plateaued?! The inches are falling off my body but the weight is being stubborn. I'm toning up though and I can see it, so can other people, I actually have a proper waist now in my dresses and I'm loving it. I haven't weighed in with my coach this week so I'm going by my own stats, I roped Jacek in doing the measurements, nevertheless here they are for week nine -

Centimeters and inches lost
13cm/5.1 inches lost off my body bringing my overall total to 69cm/27.1 inches lost off my body.

Chest: -3cms
Bust: -2cm
Waist: -5cm
Hips: -1cm
Left Leg: -1cm
Right Leg: Stayed the same
Left arm: -1cm
Right arm - Stayed the same 
I cannot believe that I've lost 13cm in just five days!
My stats for week 9 -
  Weight loss since last weigh-in - 4lbs
Total weight loss - 21lbs
 BMI - 36

Sorry that the stats aren't all there but when I weigh-in with my Herbalife coach I'll update again. I'm really trying to get my BMI down and get my stats back on track. It's great being more active and getting out of the house. I can honestly say that my decision to begin Herbalife was the best one I have made all year. It has made not only a difference to my body but my confidence too.



  1. Your perseverance is awesome. I hate being hungry. It's hard to think about anything else. I'm glad you've got the strength of mind to focus on physical exercise.

  2. I think your loss is quite impressive. I managed to lost over a stone but then hit a flatline and nothing else would shift it, so I started drinking more water and eater smaller meals but regularly and it has now started to shift again x

  3. Wow! You're doing an amazing job!!!

  4. Wow...your a bit of an inspiration, aren't you lady! Your loss is amazing and well done on your journey so far. Your doing so well! I'm envious that I don't have your drive. Thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH xx

  5. Weldone 4lbs is brill. I only lost 1lb this week. Will follow your journey it's good to help motivate me seeing others success. Good luck for this week.
    jen x

  6. Wow that is so inspiring, well done on your weight loss xx

  7. I love that fact that you manage to get trough all the phases and still remain focused and motivated! Keep goining! :D

  8. Well done you. Take the time to enjoy the new you.


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