Thursday, July 03, 2014

LUSH - Granny Takes A Dip Bath Ballistic ♥

 Oh no! It's another LUSH review... I'm awfully sorry but I really do love LUSH and all that they have to offer. Using one of their products in a week is a real treat for me and gives me some much needed relaxation after running around after my very active toddler all day. I'll be honest I picked up the Granny Takes A Dip bath ballistic purely for the fun name and the retro look of the product. Granny Takes A Dip is infused with ginger, pepper and lemon and smelt like refresher bars, so sweet, it was gorgeous. I get such an old skool vibe from this product, I really do love it. It's quite a large circle with green, orange, blue and pink rings which go all the way through the product, these colours aren't just for show. Because of the size of the product you could easily get more than two uses it but being the greedy guts that I am I just have to use all of it at once and I'm so glad I did. My bath water turned a gorgeous deep shade of pink - my favourite colour. The bath ballistic fizzed away in the water and created a small few bubbles at first, it was lovely. As soon as I sat in the bath I could feel the softness and smoothness that Granny Takes A Dip was infusing into my skin, something I seem to find with almost all the LUSH bath products I use, I guess this is why I love them so much. I almost fell asleep in my Granny Takes A Dip bath, I was so relaxed.

I would recommend Granny Takes A Dip to anyone who fancies quite a fun, colourful bath which is both relaxing and has a gorgeous sweet smell. For the size of this product it is so reasonable at just €3.75 I think which is an amazing price for something which you can get multiple uses out of. This product not only looks fantastic but is so relaxing. A big winner in my books!

Stay pretty people!



  1. I have to say I am a big fan of the Lush products, as are my daughters. They give an instant feel good factor as they smell so divine! xx

  2. Looks and sounds amazing! <3 xx

  3. As I commentet to another post long baths are one of my biggest pleasures in life. I find nothing more relaxing and refreshing than a hot bath. Therefor, I'm a fan of bath producs, but I must admit I the bath bombs are a bit pricey for me. Still, I Have to treat myself with one on a special ocassion. :D


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