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Welcome to our family blog. This is our space to share all our wonderful memories, photos and adventures with the world and thank you for stopping by.

We live in the south of Ireland and love to explore all the beautiful places that surround us. This blog was created in 2013, a month after our first precious son was born and it is now a scrapbook of sorts of his childhood, and now that we've been blessed with a second beautiful boy the memory collecting and saving shall continue here on Dolly Dowsie.

This is a family lifestyle blog, covering areas such as parenting, lifestyle, travel, photography, interiors, beauty and baking - among other things. This is essentially our space to share all we love with the world.

We hope you enjoy following our adventures. Thank you for reading.

About us

We met way back in 2007 when we both worked in the same place. For years we were just friends but in 2011 our relationship evolved into one of the romantic kind and since then we've gone on to have two beautiful babies. Although we're not married and who knows if this may change one day, we joke that we're 'spiritually married'.

Jacek was born and raised in South Africa but is from a Polish family. His goal in life is to become a solicitor and he proudly graduated with his law degree a few years ago. He loves nothing more than listening to music and going to gigs - heavy metal is his thing, watching films, traveling and visiting castles, museums and other historic places.

Fiona is a stay at home mother who is never seen without her camera. Photography is her biggest passion in life and although she's far from advanced in the skill she still loves capturing the beautiful world around her and her beautiful boys too all on camera. She also loves doing DIY projects and baking - when she gets a chance of course, life can be busy with two little boys! She also loves flowers and anything vintage or shabby chic.

About Tyler Lee
Tyler Lee is our first born son who was born in February 2013. Ever since his arrival this boy has lit up our lives with his colourful personality, infectious smile and loving nature. His defining feature is his head of curly blonde hair which, was cut for the first time in December 2019 - he's now looking so grown up!

His favourite place to be is the beach, he absolutely loves the sand and water and has been known to run into the tide fully clothed, the cold doesn't bother him. He has an amazing imagination and loves to play role-playing games. He loves nothing better to be playing on his Nintendo Switch, creating worlds or doing up houses (future architect in the making I think!) or sitting and having a chat. He's so friendly and is always in need of good company.

About Beau 

Beau is the littlest member of our family, born in May 2016. He is the cheekiest little boy I have ever met, with a personality as fiery and vibrant as his head of red hair.

He's car obsessed and loves playing with dinkys. He loves books and is delighted to now be in 'big school' and learning how to read. He also is never seen without his beloved Teddy comforter, which now resembles the Velveteen Rabbit it's become so shabby from love. Even though he's now five he is still very much the baby of the family.

Baby number 3 was due to join our family in February 2022. However, they were too precious for this Earth and I suffered a silent miscarriage in August 2021 at 13 weeks.

We hope to be blessed again someday with another little one to love here on Earth.

If you have any questions or queries about working with our blog or family please email fionanaughton.dollydowsie at gmail.com


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