Monday, June 05, 2023

20 Ways To Enjoy Autumn As A Family

  *This post is in collaboration with Beaches Resorts by Sandals.

As a parent, keeping your kids entertained and learning new things will always be high on your list of priorities. With the colder months now looming and living through a global pandemic, trying to find new ways to keep the kids happy while they have to spend a lot of time indoors has become important for parents. 

I know we're all desperately looking forward to our next family holiday abroad - personally I can't wait to go somewhere beautiful and have endless beach days with my boys again. Until that time comes, however, and all the fun in the sun can be had, focusing on the now and keeping ourselves and our families safe and happy is so important.

Beaches have shared 34 Fun Educational Activities for Kids and have lots of great ideas for making sure the kids are learning, but having fun at the same time. Beaches article is full of amazing ways to get children learning skills that they can use in every day life. Autumn is a great time for teaching children these things as a lot of their time will be spent indoors.

Now, more than ever, is a perfect time for getting your children interested in cooking, learning different world cultures, spending lots of quality time together, taking an interest in the natural world and so much more. I highly recommend reading the Beaches article for lots of inspiration.

I also wanted to share some fun things to do with children during this time of the year. With the weather getting colder and the days becoming shorter, we don't have as much time for exploring or spending time outside. This means that the time we do have is even more precious and here's some inspiration on how to spend quality time with your children during autumn.

1. Have a family games night - think lots of games like charades, Monopoly, backgammon, treats and being cosy indoors, all while having fun!

2. Watch the sunset together and take fun silhouette pictures - autumn sunsets make for the best captures!

3. Collect conkers and make conker necklaces.

4. Make seasonal treats together such as toffee apples or pumpkin pie.


5. Have each family member carve a pumpkin how they like - give little hands some help!

6. Set up a hot chocolate station and let everyone make their own hot chocolate and decorate how they like with lots of trimmings.

7. On rainy days build a den indoors and let them play to their hearts content. Add fairy lights on dark days for even more magic.

 8. Fill the kids shelves with seasonal books and let them learn the differences and loveliness that each season has to offer.

9. Collect leaves and make a leaf wreath or garland for some autumnal decor.

10. Go blackberry picking and make jam or tarts.


11. Go all out for Halloween and let the kids decorate a Halloween tree. You can see ours from last year here.

12. Have a little bonfire and toast marshmallows and make s'mores (this can be done on a BBQ too!).

13. Go on a woodland nature walk and give the children a 'treasure list' of things to find such as leaves, berries, different colours in nature, etc.

14. Make leaf window displays using cling-film, collected leaves and a glue stick. This is cheap autumnal decor for your home and a great craft to keep kids busy.

15. Teach children all about the different types of trees, their leaves and what colour they go in autumn. 

16. Visit a pumpkin patch (if it's safe to do so) and pick your own pumpkins.


17. Go to an apple orchard and pick your own apples for making apple tarts and other treats. If you have an apple tree in your garden even better!

18. Take a drive around town to see everyone's Halloween decorations.

19. Enjoy woodland walks together and admire all the beautiful sights of the season.


20. Jump in leaves, throw leaves and embrace all the leafy fun that autumn has to offer.

Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration for enjoying all the fun of autumn with your children. Until the beautiful bright summer days come around again with promises of holidays, ice-cream and beach days, lets embrace all that the colder months have to offer us too.


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