Monday, June 05, 2023

Easy Ways To Stay Fit When You Work From Home

Everyone who works from home will know the challenges of trying to find the time to keep fit. When you don't have a commute to get your steps in or have to rush to the train or bus - something which is sure to get your heart rate up, you have to look for other ways, and the motivation, to exercise either at home with smart home gym equipment or to get out for some fresh air each day.

There is an ease which comes from working from home and I feel lucky to be able to do so, but some days it feels like a challenge to motivate myself to go for a walk and get some steps in, especially if it's raining. 

It can be easy to let your work consume you when you work from home as there's no cut off point unless you put one in place.

So how do you stay fit when you work from home and have a sedentary job?

Here are some ways to stay fit when you work from home:

Invest in desk exercise equipment

Want to get your steps or some movement in while working at your desk? Then invest in desk exercise equipment. Elliptical exercisers are all the rage at the moment, taking off on viral videos on TikTok, showing just how amazing their use can be for staying fit.

You can now be working from your desk and burning calories with the help of an under desk exercise equipment, boosting your energy levels while you work, tracking how many calories you're burning and giving your body a workout each day without even having to leave the house - amazing, right?

Take an online class

Taking an online fitness class such a yoga or Pilates can be a great way to build up your fitness from the comfort of home.   

Try to schedule the class for before work or when you're finished to set you up for the day or to help you get some movement in after a day of being at your desk.

Personally, I find getting movement or exercise in early in my day helps me to focus more and have more energy.

If you don't want to do an exercise class, there are great dance or walking exercise videos that you can access for free on YouTube. I enjoy Get Fit With Rick's workouts and there are ones you can even do in five minutes! 

Make time for a walk

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise you can do and is perfect for building up fitness - no matter what your starting fitness level.

Going for a daily walk is not only great for staying fit, but also for mental health - another important aspect of your health to nurture when you work from home. It also helps you to get out in nature and give you a change of environment, which is important when you work from home.

I lost over three stone by simply going for a daily walk and eating within a calorie deficit and it's great to see my fitness build up more and more as the months go by.

Getting a daily dose of fresh air is also essential when you work from home and a daily walk makes it easy to facilitate that. Try to get a 30 minute walk in each day and see how much it can benefit your fitness and reduce stress and anxiety.

Track your steps

Tracking your steps can help you move more as when you set a daily step goal you'll be inclined to want to reach it each day.

I use a Fitbit and have a daily step goal of 10,000 a day - which I easily manage while working from home and looking after my three children.

Even doing daily tasks such as vacuuming the floor, going up and down the stairs, hanging up the washing outside in the garden, etc. all count towards your daily steps. Once you start tracking you'll be motivated to move more, helping you to stay fit while you work from home.

Try a standing desk

Standing desks are becoming a very popular option for people who work from home, helping to combat a sedentary lifestyle and get people moving more while working.

Having a standing desk can help you to avoid sitting too long throughout the day, thus already getting you on your feet and a path to fitness.

You could place desk exercise equipment under your standing desk and get a workout in while working from home - two birds one stone and all that.

These are just some of the easy ways in which you can stay fit when you work from home and are ones that have worked for me.

How do you stay fit when working from home?


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