Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How to Take Better Full-Body Selfies: Avoid These 6 Mirror Selfie Missteps


Have you mastered the perfect selfie? If you're looking for ways to improve your selfie game or you're just learning how to take selfies, we have you covered. Not only will we show you which mirror styles and placements you’ll need, but we will also cover what not to do when snapping mirror pictures. We take selfies very seriously over here!
There are so many different kinds of selfies, but today, we're going to focus on full-body shots. And one of the easiest ways to achieve a full-body selfie is by using a floor-length mirror. But getting the perfect full-body selfie is much more than just pointing your camera at a mirror and smiling. There are a lot of factors to consider before stepping in front of the mirror to snap your new favorite photo of yourself.
We're talking angles, poses and mirror aesthetics. The possibilities are endless when it comes to full-body mirror selfies. And we want to show you how to get the perfect shot—whether you're looking for an editorial style photo or you just want to show off your full figured fashion for Instagram. Grab your phone, a mirror and a pen because class is in session!
Mirror Check
Let’s talk about the full-body mirror that's in your room, apartment or house right now. If you have a mirror and you love it, then feel free to skip to the next step. But for those of you who are struggling to find the perfect mirror to complement all of your selfies, let's find something that will make your looks pop.

  • Size and Shape– If you're looking to achieve your average full-body selfie, you'll need a floor-length mirror that shows off your entire body when you stand in front of it. If you're already a mirror selfie professional and you're looking to expand your horizons by dabbling in different shaped mirrors, try a circle mirror.
  • Location Is Key– Depending on the kind of selfies you want to take, you can set your full-length mirror against a plain wall or you can put the mirror in an area that boasts bright colors, a sophisticated bookshelf or a room with a plethora of plants. The room you put your mirror in is just as important as the outfit you are wearing. Since mirrors will reflect everything behind you, you will want to have a clean space so that all eyes are on you. If you are a seasoned selfie pro and you are feeling adventurous, take your mirror outside for a selfie that people won’t be able to stop talking about or recreating.
Mirror Selfie Mistakes to Avoid

1. Clutter Everywhere– You could have the most stylish outfit on and the newest iPhone with the best camera quality, but if your foreground and background are messy and cluttered, that might be the first thing people see when they look at your photo. Before setting up for the best selfie you'll ever take, vacuum or mop the floors and move any distracting items out of the background. A clean and minimal foreground and background will ensure that all eyes are on you.
2. Streaky Mirror– You may have a clean background and foreground, but have you cleaned the smudged fingerprints or leftover cleaner streaks off your mirror? Even if your mirror looks clean before you take a selfie, wipe it down—just in case. Streaks and smudges can completely ruin a photo. Mirrors are reflective of light, and when a smudge or streak picks up light, it will come across clear as day in your photo. It’s not the end of the world if you spot a tiny streak in your photos, but these smudges have the potential to completely ruin a photo!
3. Distorting Angles– When you are taking a full-body mirror selfie, you will want to pay close attention to the angle of your phone and your mirror. If your mirror is tilted or leaning a certain way, it could totally distort your body shape. Make sure your mirror is leaning up against a wall or flat surface with the bottom part of the mirror slanting away from the wall or flat surface. This ensures a distortion-free look. Your phone can also create some misleading images if it’s tilted in strange ways. When posing in the mirror, try to hold your phone straight up and down and just below eye level for a realistic angle.

4. Dirty Lens– Prior to shooting your selfies, you should also wipe down your phone lens. If your lens is dirty, your photo may turn out to be a disaster.
5. Boring Poses– How do you pose when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you tilt one leg out or cross one leg in front of the other? Where do you put your hands? These are all great things to notice the next time you’re standing in front of the mirror. Take notes of your favorite poses so that when it comes time to snap your full-body selfie, you will have a bunch of plus size photoshoot ideas.
6. Window Overexposure– If there are windows reflecting in your mirror, you will want to move your mirror to be in front of the window so that the light is shining on you and your face rather than behind you. 
Whether it's a sunny day or overcast, a glare from a window can deplete your photo of all its details and your photo won't be as strong or sharp. Use the window lighting to your advantage and make sure it's in front of you and not behind you.
Now that you know how to work your angles while taking a full-body mirror selfie, we expect nothing but greatness! Don't be afraid to experiment with different backgrounds and mirror shapes. The selfie world is your oyster!


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