Thursday, May 28, 2015

Things Only Bloggers Will Understand ♥

Why Captcha is the bane of our lives and the importance of turning it off.

Why this sentence means you'll delete an email immediately after reading - "Our social team will be sharing their favourites on our social media"... cue disappointment.

Why you always need to have a pen and paper or your phone near you when you're drifting off to sleep - damn you fabulous post ideas which only come in the state of half awake/half asleep!

How HTML can mess up your whole life and wreck your head completely just from the slip of a mouse or a key.

Why white interiors are all the rage.

Why a good wi-fi connection is an essential, everywhere.

What Bloglovin and GFC actually do.

Why bloggers shouldn't be expected to work for free.

Why it's important to have a gazillion social media sites to promote your posts.

How you can spend 10 hours working on your blog and still feel like you could write more.

What bloggers block actually is and how annoying it is too.

The hindrance of not being able open or use anything without taking a picture first.

How much work blogging actually is.

That PR samples are not freebies, they're tools to grow our blogs, we actually have to do a lot of work to promote them, duh...

Why it's so annoying when you see people beginning blogs simply to try and get free things.

The joy of seeing the '(insert amount here) comment(s) awaiting moderation' line on your blog dashboard.

Why pyjamas really are the best work wear you could ever have.

The awkwardness of receiving a letter/parcel addressed to your blog name, what must the poor postman think we are?!

How you can get addicted to checking your emails.

Just how much fun blogging conferences are - yes we're all internet addictions, and that's a problem why?!

What a Twitter party is.

That if you don't blog something it's as if it never even happened.

The horror of going out to take pictures for your blog and realising that you left your cameras memory card at home (it's happened, more than once... *sigh*).

That there's no such thing as a day off - blog mode is constantly on people, there is no off switch!

How impossible it is not to compare yourself to other bloggers.

How you can live a champagne lifestyle of a lemonade budget. 

Why Pinterest is the best site ever, so many inspirations, so little time...

That it doesn't matter how tired you are, you just have to get that post finished.

The joy of receiving lovely comments on your blog/social media posts.

The excitement of amazing opportunity emails and how hard it is not to tell everyone about them immdediately.

How insulting it is when people don't realise just how much effort you put into your blog.

Why every picture on your blog has to be 'Pinterest worthy'.

What it's like to have a hallway full of PR sample deliveries and having nowhere to put them.

Why comments like this are so infuriating and why they get deleted immediately - "Nice! I really love your blog. Would you like to follow each other? Here is my blog (insert token blog link here), follow me and I'll follow you back xxx". Eh, how about no. If you really liked my blog you'd just follow it anyway.

What DA, PA, PR and Alexa mean and why they're important.

Why link-ups/blog hops are no good if everyone just link drops.

How amazing it is to see your stats and follower numbers growing.

Just how lovely it is when someone shares your posts on their own social media.

Why automated DMs on Twitter make you immediately want to unfollow the person whose account they came from... ain't nobody got time for that kind of crappy social media spam.

The pain of not winning a blogging award, especially when you made the shortlist *le sob*.

How disappointing it is when you click on a 'how to' post and it's full of generic information you already knew, what was the point?!

How annoying it is when people review a beauty product but don't show swatches or what it actually looks like on - once again, what was the bloody point?!

Why 'join my mailing list' pop-ups will make you want to stop reading a blog, *forever*...

How annoying people who ask for PR contacts in Facebook groups are... just buy it your bloody self!

How amazing some of your fellow bloggers can be and how great it is when you actually strike up a friendship with them.

The feeling of having the support of people you haven't even met, especially if you've connected over an emotional post you wrote.

That the 'Liebster Award' isn't an actual award... oh how we laugh now but when we were newbies we were all dying to be nominated for one (you're lying if you say you weren't). 

The joy of seeing your blog reaching milestones you never even thought you could achieve.



  1. I am sending this to my husband right now. I laughed so hard because I can relate to every single one of these and as a husband of a blogger, I know the hubby will get a kick out of this.

  2. Haha love this. I have a whole collection of things waiting to be photographed before I can open them xx

  3. Aah such a perfect post Fiona! Definitely sums the joys and pitfalls of blogging! x
    Zoe |

  4. This is awesome.....What a great list and I agree with everything!!!
    I actually got my first parcel addressed to my blog name this week....I'm hoping my postman didn't notice...hehehe

  5. I'm laughing so hard right now. I agree with them all! I remember being "nominated" for that liebster award when I first started blogging. I thought I had accomplished something. And those captchas - I can barely see the numbers/letters and I hate those things. This post made my day!

  6. LMAO!! Oh the liebster I craved a nomination!!! lol!
    Love this! SO true, all of it! And I definitely think you got the worse deal with the postman embarrassing as it is, at least Sparkles & Stretchmarks is obviously not a name...Dolly Dowsie could be! lol! Your postman must think you had very cruel parents lol! xx

  7. Best article ever. One stupid toy can literally be a day's worth of work!

  8. This is very funny and so true!! I have thought a lot of these!LOL

  9. Haha, the Liebster award!! I was nominated three times in one day! The cool thing...non bloggers don't know it not an actual award ;)

    1. Haha three times in one day?! Everyone's a winner with the Liebster award ;)

  10. I'm nodding my head as I read all of these so very very true great post xx

  11. Great list! Though I'm not with you on the pyjamas, and I've temporarily fallen out of love with Pinterest until they get their act together and remove the ridiculous 'picked for you' feature that fills up your timeline with utter rubbish!

    1. What?! Pyjamas are the best. I can just pop downstairs at like 6 in the morning and get to work! :) I don't even notice that on Pinterest, is that the main page? If so mine shows pictures of gorgeous looking cakes all the time so I can't complain!

    2. yes! the picked for you is garbage. I'm vegan and half the time they suggest food I'm totally against!

  12. you totally hit the nail on the head girl with everything you listed. the number one thing that's been aggravating me lately is the subscribe my newsletter pop ups or like my Facebook pop ups. annoying!!

    it's great to see you still have my design I did got you up! I should update it for you if you'd like and fix the broken links and whatnot. contact me and we can get together and I can make the repairs (free of charge)


  13. I agree with almost all of these. So funny, I was nodding my head throughout! It's hard to find anyone else that understands in the "real world".

  14. Oh yes, I'm definitely onboard with most of these. Definitely on the PJs as work clothes....and on the NOT writing anything down! The amount of times I've finished a post and forgotten to include some important points or a witty oneliner (as I thought to myself)! Very annoying.

  15. I love this and was nodding along to everything and laughing at half of them xx

  16. I hate hate hate popups that show up at the bottom or middle or where ever on a blog! If I want to follow a blogger, I'll look for their email sign up lol. These made me laugh! Thanks for sharing. You should make some of them into graphics and pin them!

  17. LOL! great post! I did laugh out loud at a few of these and hi-fived you on a few others!

  18. You captured everything here perfectly! I totally agree about how nothing can happen until photos are taken first. It's annoying, but it's what we do!

  19. Fab post, so so true, could relate to so many things :D

  20. This is amazing. I'll be sharing everywhere because it's SO TRUE. It not only made me laugh but also made me a bit sad because we all can relate, and some of these just truly SUCK. haha. I hope more people see this and get it and maybe understand us bloggers a little better. - jeanine

  21. Lol this so dead on. I'm so addicted to my email that it's pathetic lol. I'm going to share this, this is great!

  22. Hahaha! This is so true! It makes me laugh so hard but I seriously love how everything you mentioned is so relatable.

  23. What a fun post - and I did look up the Twitter DM - to make sure that I wasn't spamming! lol You did a great job of relating to each of us!

  24. Wifi is a MUST! CAn't travel with out it! I also need a reliable laptop and cell phone.

  25. Oh yes, I am so with you on all of these. These are definitely things that only bloggers would understand.

  26. Ahh this post is brilliant! It's so true, I love it! xx

  27. I am giggling reading your post, I can totaly relate especiallyto this "hindrance of not being able open or use anything without taking a picture first." My kids would always say, "Mom, do you really have to take a picture of everything?" Lol.

  28. What an entertaining list! I need to do that pen and paper by the bed thing, I am constantly jumping out of my sleep and running to my desk to jot a few quick reminders for future posts. You really captured a lot of things that only a blogger would know.

  29. Lol, I agree Pinterest is the best, a pen and paper by the bed is important and using automatic systems to share my blog or messages seems like cheating so I don't use it. Does anyone else find it difficult and awkward to find places to promote their blog? I've been blogging a while but this last year have gotten serious, despite that I still feel like I just walked into the blogging world. Thanks for the great post, it's a great read.

  30. As a blogger I couldn't help but chuckle and scream YES throughout this list lol, great list thank you for sharing!

  31. "The awkwardness of receiving a letter/parcel addressed to your blog name, what must the poor postman think we are?!" OMG yes! Hilarious! My mail lady finally asked me I was doing :) I also do Etsy stuff and both my store name and blog name are totally different from each other. She said I was a true home-hustler. :)

  32. This is such a great post. I have to sleep with a paper and pen near me. It never fails i will wake up with a fantastic idea and i have to write it down or i will forget.

  33. I love of these. I concur to each and every one. People don't get all that goes into blogging. I also wish brands would get that social media promotion is not enough. Great post! - Erin Kennedy

  34. AMEN to all of these!! Sometimes I say something social media related and my friends think I'm nuts. And the taking pics of EVERYTHING drives my family crazy! HA!

  35. Oh my gosh yes to all of this!!! I always forget that not everyone speaks our "blogging" language.

  36. Hilarious!!!!!! Hahaa

  37. So agree with all of these. Ha ha to the Liebster award comment. Very true

  38. Love this, so relatable haha! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  39. I only started blogging last week, so some of these I was pretty confused about haha. Perhaps I'll get them through time x


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