Monday, September 14, 2020

Why Adding An Espresso Van To Your Party Is A Good Idea


Espresso van services have really grown in strength over the past decade. More and more people appreciate the satisfaction that a good quality espresso or coffee can provide. It's perhaps not something you would usually associate with a party environment. However, not everyone wants to drink alcohol, so why not surprise your guests with an espresso and coffee bar?
Parties don't just mean raves – they can be thrown for all sorts of reasons in many different locations. Street parties, for example, are back in favour. But irrespective of the type of party you're throwing, parties are often associated with alcohol and late nights. While some of us are prepared to accept the possibility of a hangover, others are either teetotal or have to work the next morning. And if your kids are present, you'll probably want something as an alternative to alcohol. So how can you cater to those who are unwilling or unable to consume alcohol? Simple: hire a mobile coffee stand or a coffee van.
An espresso and coffee mobile van can help ensure that your non-alcohol drinking guests have something special to drink while also keeping them perked up – particularly if the party is at night. They don’t just serve caffeine either – the best suppliers will offer tasty hot chocolate, tea and even quality pastries and other snacks. Freshly prepared refreshments can help to inject some energy into your party and keep everyone engaged well into the night. Finally, a coffee stand or van makes a quirky yet welcome attraction that your guests are not expecting at all! Make sure quality coffee is served, though. Horsham Coffee Roaster is a good example.
What Kind Of Events Could Benefit From An Espresso Coffee Van?
Espresso coffee van services are extremely popular with event organisers today. While bog standard tea and instant coffee were seen as sufficient in previous years, today's event-goers expect gourmet, bespoke and specialised services. But what are the other reasons behind why you might want pop-up coffee services at your event?
One event where mobile coffee services are essential is at conferences. As a conference organiser, it's important to have any events, talks, lectures and seminars as widely populated as possible. However, if you haven't got good quality services close to the hall you're hosting in, it's likely that your guests will wander off – which is a disaster. If they're used to their regular injections of caffeine, they'll bypass substandard offerings and head to the closest coffee shop in their breaks. But what if you bring that quality coffee to your hall? A coffee van or stall, complete with professional baristas, could be a great investment for your conference.
When it comes to events or exhibitions where your guests are likely to be on their feet for a number of hours, it can also be a great idea to have a pop-up coffee stall. Not only will it give them a break from the events, it also gives them a reason to stay at your exhibition.
Finally, gala dinners can end with guests being provided with luxurious, freshly brewed coffee to send them home feeling warm, happy and pampered.


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