Thursday, August 06, 2020

Harmony At Home With Hive

*This post is in conjunction with Hive, but all thoughts are my own.

During lockdown our home became our safe haven. For most of the day it was the only place we could be and we learned to live happily away in this little bubble of ours. I think a lot of us learned during this time just how precious our homes actually are to us.

We moved to our home in November last year, and for months have been putting off DIY and maintenance jobs and gardening work simply because life was getting in the way of doing any of it.

However, when life slowed down and we were almost forced, if you will, to spending most of our time in our homes, it became so important to us to make the time to make our living space as comfortable and homely as possible for our family.

This is where Hive came in. Hive has helped us to give a bit more harmony to our home and some light relief during this strange time we're living through. If you're not familiar with Hive, they provide a range of smart tech, which you can easily self-install into your home, to make life just that little bit easier and lighter for us all.

Hive have a wide range of smart tech designed to make living easier, with everything from lights as mood enhancers to cameras for safety assurance and lots in between too.

We have the Hive Hub, which allows us to gain control of our home - even if we're not there, by connecting all our Hive products and allowing us to access them remotely from our smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Hive offer a range of Smart Sensors for doors and windows, that will let you know if there's any unexpected movement within your home. This is really reassuring to us living in the countryside, as it means we have peace of mind knowing that we can keep an eye on our home when we're not there - as we don't have close neighbours to keep an eye out for us.

Another product we have are Hive Colour Changing Lightbulbs which are part of the Hive Smart Lighting range. These allow us to set the mood in our home and are particularly great in our eldest son's room. He has Sensory Processing Disorder and the colour changing lights are both a novelty and a comfort to him. It's great to find something so simple that can have such a profound effect on his senses - and all in the comfort of his own bedroom too.

The colour changing light bulbs have been great during lockdown as it's made the boys' room (they've liked to share a room during lockdown and why not?!), more of a fun space for them to be. The light is great at story time for setting the mood. They've also found it great fun when I change the colour of the light through my smartphone and if something so simple can bring them a little bit of joy during this time then I'm all for it!

The Hive Colour Changing Light Bulb has also been great in getting two boisterous boys to bed at night time! During lockdown their traditional bedtime of 7.30p.m. has gone out the window! However, when I change the colour of the light bulb to reflect a bedtime mood, I find it helps to set a calming atmosphere and wind them down for the day.

I think the colour changing light bulb will be a great asset in the winter months too when they'll be playing more indoors and I can set the colour of the light for different times of the day.

As the majority of our family have been home during lockdown (Jacek has had to work the whole way through this pandemic), our energy usage has understandably gone up. However, Hive's Colour Changing Light Bulbs are long-lasted LED and A+ rating for energy efficiency, meaning they're not expensive to run at all.

Being able to control the lights from my smartphone means the lights are always how we like it and when we need it and I've even been able to personalise the light for the room too - this is a particularly great feature when living in an old farmhouse as some rooms will always need more light than others.

With our Hive Hub we'll be looking at expanding our Hive product range. It's so much easier being able to access different aspects of home through your phone, tablet and laptop.

With autumn and winter on the way I'm particularly interested in adding the Hive Heating Pack to our home. I think it would be a great asset being able to control the heating when out in the freezing cold and being able to come home to a warm house!

I think Hive have a great range of products for making your home a more comfortable and personal place to be. We love our Hive products and they have definitely made lockdown life all the more lovelier for us.


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