Wednesday, August 12, 2020

One of the Most Stunning Places in Ireland - Bantry House and Gardens, Cork

If you're looking for stunning places to visit in Ireland, that you can enjoy as a family, then the beautiful Bantry House and Gardens in Cork is a place you must visit!

We have been many times now and it's charm never dims. It's such a stunning place and one of the hidden gems in Ireland that everyone must visit.

Our recent visit brought us to the gardens during the pandemic and to enter you now leave money in an honesty box - which I thought was very trusting of Bantry House. It was €6 per adult and children were free, making it a bargain day out.

We have yet to visit the inside of the house but the gardens keep us busy and happy during each of our visits and we could easily spend hours enjoying and exploring them.

During this particular visit Tyler decided to stay at home with his grandad, which, I have to admit, was a little bit saddening as I missed him being with us - becoming a teenager already at age 7! Beau, however, delighted in having Jacek and I to himself and thought it was a great novelty!

He loved the gardens, especially the highlight of the gardens - the 105 steps it takes to get to the top of the garden and enjoy the beautiful view of Bantry House and Bantry Bay beyond. He loved it so much, in fact, that he went up 4 times! 

He also declared himself 'king of the world' at the top, bless him. I loved that he enjoyed it so much and was so delighted with himself for getting to the top always - he seemed to really love the view and watching the sailboats in the bay.

Toilets were open on the grounds - I always have to share about whether toilets are open or not as I think it's probably the most important part of any day out, especially when out and about with kids!

The café is also open on site too. If you want a picnic basket make sure to email ahead because they can't be bought right there and then, which I sadly found out. The gardens are big enough for you to bring and enjoy your own picnic in too.

During this visit, the gardens were a little more unkept than usual, but it actually added to the charm of the place. Nature was reclaiming the steps and it actually looked lovely this way.

I'm not sure if this was from the effects of lockdown, but I think it's important to keep visiting and supporting places like Bantry House, to keep them open for everyone to keep enjoying.

Bantry House is also an accomodation, so you can also stay there and enjoy the gardens to your hearts content. This is something that Jacek and I would love to do in the future.

If you're planning to visit Bantry House and Gardens I think the spring and summer months are best. During April and May the centre area in front of the house is in full bloom with wisteria and it looks stunning!

You can find out more information about Bantry House and Gardens on their website.


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