Friday, May 22, 2020

Girl Gone Greek By Rebecca A. Hall | Review

Reading is something I've always loved, but in recent years it went on the back burner when life got busier and sadly, the majority of reading I do now it all online. However, in the midst of the global pandemic, I've been reading a whole lot more and one book which I really enjoyed during this time was Girl Gone Greek by Rebecca A. Hall. I wanted to share my review for anyone else looking for an easy to read, great book that gives a lovely sense of adventure.

The book follows the story of Rachel, who leaves her life in the U.K. to teach English in Greece. The book details Rachel 'finding herself' and becoming happy with her life - despite the constant coldness and disapproving glances of her older sister.

If you're a lover of Greece and it's culture then this book really would be a great read for you. It's so easy to read and gives a lovely sense of Greek pride and someone experiencing this from a 'outsider' view. Rachel's friendship with the eccentric Kaliopi is a great part of the story and the character gave me some nostalgia in remembering a girl I used to work with, who was very much like Kaliopi and it brought me a lot of happiness in remembering those times.

I love Rebecca's descriptions of Greece and the people there. A holiday to Crete is the only connection I've ever had to Greece, but Girl Gone Greek has made me want to travel to Greece and witness the sights for myself, and I think for a book to make you want to visit where it's set means that it's been described perfectly.

I won't give away to plot of the book, but it focuses on Rachel's year of teaching in Greece, all the people she met there and her adventures there too. The book incorporates Greek history and details why Greek people are so passionate about their culture.

All the people Rachel meets along the way during her year in Greece help her to be apologetically herself.

If you're looking for an easy to read and enjoyable book then I highly recommend Girl Gone Greek.

You can read more about what inspired Rebecca to write Girl Gone Greek on her blog Life Beyond Borders.

You can purchase Girl Gone Greek on Amazon and it's available for Kindle or in paperback.

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