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Parent Bloggers Can Help People Feel Less Alone: Why You Should Start And How You Could Do It

It isn’t easy being a parent and with the pressure of the digital age, the endless articles about being the perfect parent and the overwhelming feeling of guilt a modern mother can face, there is no surprise that we can all reach for our smartphones and type in a quick few words into a Google search. In the hope of finding someone thinking the same, doing the same or tips and advice on what to do next. But have you ever wondered where some of these articles you read and find comfort and solidarity in come from? Most likely they are a parent blogger with no fear of sharing the realities and experiences of their motherhood.

There is too much naming and shaming these days, and with the pressure to be perfect rising and getting to boiling point, parent bloggers are finding a voice in all of the chaos and sharing their own experiences. Being a parent isn’t just a one size fits all prospect.

From birth, feeding and dealing with children as they grow up there are endless scenarios and things we can experience. Some more so than others. Which is why I think it is so good that more parents are starting their own blogs and sharing their experiences. Some are even making a career out of it that works around their family dynamic and life which is absolutely amazing.

With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why I think you should consider becoming a parent blogger. Maybe it will inspire you to put your fingertips to the keyboard yourself and share your journey.

A chance to reach out to like-minded people
Parenthood can often be a lonely road to embark on. The days and nights can feel so long but yet the years go by incredibly fast, wouldn’t you agree? At the time, in that present moment, you can feel like the only one in the world needing to wind a newborn at three in the morning. Or the only person in the world who has a toddler screaming blue murder in a supermarket.

The truth is, you are not alone, and having a blog and a social media platform to share your views and experiences enables you to reach out to like-minded people. By doing so, it can help you to remain calm in what can be a difficult situation. It can offer tips and advice and vice versa you can share your tips or help someone out who is having a particular vulnerable day just by the words you've typed and the photograph you have attached. You have a chance to seek solace with people experiencing the same thing, and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home.

Share your experience or tips on hard to handle topics
One of the beauties of your own parenting blog is the chance to share your opinions, your tips and experiences about hard to handle topics that perhaps you struggled to find information on. You never know when your words could help out another person in the same position. This is when you can help to reduce the stigma around certain topics because at the end of the day, your blog is your own. People are always looking for real advice from honest people, and a blog is one of the best ways to help someone out.

It might be that you had a particularly hard pregnancy, or you want to share your thoughts and stories on loss or other pregnancy issues that people might face. Not only can it be a sort of therapy for you, but you may find that others reach out and you help people. It could be about more functional things such as how to treat baby heat rash, what to expect in those first few months, sleep routines and hacks on weaning. Sharing your experience can enable another mother to feel less alone, and allow you to deal with whatever it is you are facing right now.

The opportunity to try out new products or services or work with brands
Being a blogger might mean that there comes a time where a company or brand will get in touch with you. Often this might be in email form where they want to see if you would be willing to review products or services or work with them on their latest campaign.

This can be exciting and offers you the chance to try something new and share your honest thoughts. Some successful bloggers go on to receive items in the post and companies and brands will want you to test them out. You can then provide your readers with an honest opinion and review.

It can become an online diary to help you remember even the ordinary moments
The parenting journey can offer some amazing memories for you and the family, from when your little one is born and right through the years of toddlerhood, starting school, etc. But it is impossible to remember everything.

This is why a blog can become an online diary for you to share those ordinary moments, the family days out your enjoyed or capturing the holidays you experienced, or even just the time you had a good or bad day. Those thoughts that you typed could become a real comfort to you in the future, especially if you are having a bad day. It could even be a place for your children to read your thoughts when they grow up.

Imagine your teenage or adult children in the future being able to look up your blog to see how they were as babies or toddlers. Some of the memories could have been lost in your memory, but an online blog means you will always have access to them, in whatever format you wish to share them.

How to get started
For some people, you may be wondering how to go about starting a blog, and often it can happen naturally for people. It may all start with a social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram. You might want to take the time to share your experiences there and build a following.

It could be that you create a website and share your views in blog posts straight away. Some have even started out with a YouTube channel and gone from there. Sharing videos and talking about their experiences rather than writing them down.

It is a creative outlet, and should be viewed in that way. A chance for you to share experience, images, content and videos. You can be creative and then engage with your audience. From there, who knows where it may lead.

It may turn into your career
There is every chance that if you become popular as a blogger that more brands may want to work with you and it could even become your job. Which is amazing as you may finally have the type of working environment that will work well with your family. There are endless opportunities in the digital age these days, and more of them are becoming available to normal people who just start a blog because they want to relate to others in the same position. Crazy or what?

So there you have it, some of the reasons why parent bloggers can enable people to feel less alone, help in a very uncertain new time and reach out to people. Not to mention the benefits that you may experience. Let’s hope this has inspired you to consider becoming a parent blogger yourself.


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