Wednesday, April 01, 2020

A Teddies Tea Party ♥

We're into week three of no schools open in Ireland and I'm trying my very best to make this time a happy and joyous one for the boys - even though inside I'm quite emotional about the whole situation.

I'm not a crafty mammy, but I'm doing my best and we're flying through the school work, even though we don't do it every single day. I've found letting the boys choose their own activities works best and they're being very creative by making kitchens and restaurants out of boxes, doing lots of drawings, making dens and also getting lots of time outside by helping with the sheep, going for a walk in the woods by our house, etc.

One thing I did set up for them though was a teddies tea party. Both boys love imaginary play and I was baking a cake, so I decided to set everything up for them out by their playhouse and let them have a teddies tea party.

They took their kitchen and some toys out from their playhouse to pretend that they had made the cake for the teddies and they all sad down to enjoy some tea and cake.

The cake I made was a rainbow funfetti mix with vanilla icing, mini eggs, sprinkles and some crystalised primroses - although I'm not quite sure I did them right. You just pick some primroses, wash them down, dip them in egg yolk and then in sugar and leave to dry. They're edible but I just used these ones for decoration. Nevertheless, our crystalised primrose cake was delicious!

I got some old china cups and saucers and a milk jug from the cupboard and let the kids have some 'fancy' things for their tea party. They were delighted with themselves. When it was all over and the cake had been had, they then went on to play kitchen with their teddies - so it made for a great hour or two of playtime before it got too cold and they decided to come indoors.

This was such a simple activity for the kids, all you need is some cuddly toys, some cups and saucers and some cake - you could involve them with the baking too if you wanted, but it really did make the boys so happy and we'll definitely do it again when the sunny, warm days come.

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  1. Hi Fiona! You are really quite creative mummy with such an excellent idea. It looks like your boys really enjoyed their tea party and appreciate it. It's not easy to keep them busy now when they are out of school, but parents have to try in this difficult time for everyone, especially for them. Regards Zofia.


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