Thursday, April 09, 2020

Crystalised Primrose Cake ♥

It's no secret that I love flowers. I try and incorporate a floral element into every aspect of my life when I can and I was recently inspired by Family Days Tried and Tested, who shared crystalised primroses on her Instagram stories.

They looked so pretty and with it being spring and all, I thought they'd make the perfect topper for a cake I was making.

Apparently, the primroses are edible after being crystalised but we chose not to eat them, we only admired them on the cake, but they made the perfect decoration.

All you do is pick some primroses - we're lucky to have some growing in our garden, wash them off, dip them in egg and then dip them in sugar and leave to dry.

Mine could have done with a lot more drying, but the boys were in a hurry to have their teddies tea party and eat the cake!

The cake itself was funfetti cake with jam inside and then vanilla icing and sprinkles on top along with mini eggs and the crysalised primroses.

I wanted to share as I think they're a really pretty cake decoration - edible or not - for this time of year and I know a lot of us are baking at the moment being stuck at home, so if you have primroses at hand, why not give this crystalised primrose cake a go?

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