Saturday, March 28, 2020

Salted Caramel Easter Brownies ♥

I'm no baker, but I like baking treats for the kids and especially seasonal themed treats. With Easter on it's way I decided to make something filled with mini eggs and chocolatey goodness, so I made salted caramel Easter brownies and they may just have been the nicest brownies I have ever tasted!

That's not me blowing my own trumpet, simply the mixture of brownie batter, salted caramel, mini eggs and marshmallows makes for something unbelievably delicious!

Salted Caramel Easter Brownies Ingredients:
200g of unsalted butter
A can of Carnation caramel
200g of chocolate
1tsp of sea salt
200g of golden caster sugar
4 eggs
130g of plain flower
50g of cocoa powder
Mini eggs - mine are the imitation ones from Aldi
Chocolate bunnies - I used lollies from Aldi and simply took the sticks off.

 Salted Caramel Easter Brownies Method:
1. Melt the chocolate and unsalted butter in a bowl.
2. Mix half the Carnation caramel with the sea salt and set aside.
3. Put the rest of the caramel, golden caster sugar and eggs in a bowl and beat - add in the chocolate and butter mix.
4. In another bowl, mix the flour and cocoa powder, fold this into the chocolate mix until smooth.
5. Put the brownie mix into a square baking tin/tray lined with parchment paper and spread evenly.
6. Put the sea salt mixed caramel on top of the brownie mixture and marble together with a spoon.
7. Add as many marshmallow and mini eggs as you want to the mixture.
8. Bake at Gas Mark 6 for 25 minutes.
9. Leave to cool, cut and add more mini eggs (the others will have melted through the mixture) and chocolate bunnies for decoration.

This is such a simple recipe and one that can be whipped up in minutes. The mixture of the marsh,allows and the mini eggs with the brownie batter really is something else! This is such an easy recipe for kids to make too and makes for a delicious, chocolatey treat with all the joys of Easter!

If you're looking for even more baking inspiration, check out my other recipes.


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