Thursday, January 09, 2020

Functional Bathroom Ideas For People of All Needs ♥

*This is a collaborative post.

Having just moved into a new home two months ago and having to give it somewhat of a makeover I'm really getting into my interiors again and I just love finding inspirational ideas for different rooms of the house and for people with different needs too.

I thought I'd share a few perfect bathroom ideas I've come across recently and all of these ideas are ideal for those who are living with a disability, as well as able-bodied people of all ages too. I think when you're designing your 'forever home' it's important to look ahead to the future years too and plan out fittings and fixtures that would work for all ages and if your circumstances should ever change.

One fab bathroom feature that I'm a big fan of are walk in showers. I think fitting a walk in shower enclosure is a good thing to do and a great feature for the bathroom. I'd love to have one in my home. I can't tell you how many times I've almost fallen over getting in and out of my own shower - both due to my own clumsiness and having a big bump when I was pregnant, so one of these would have been ideal.

Walk-in showers are ideal for people of all abilities as it means there are no trip hazards. If you have more space available a wet-room is another great bathroom idea for disabled people, especially those who have to use a wheelchair, and is perfect if the person who will be using it can't get upstairs to use the original bathroom in the house too.

If you're someone who prefers a long soak in the bath and don't want to give up that little luxury in life, there are also walk-in baths available too. I think these walk-in baths are also great for those with a disability who have young children as the child, once they reach toddler age, would be able to walk in and out of the bath themselves and believe me, I have a heavy almost three year old who I lift in and out of the bath on a daily basis so I know how much of a task it can be, especially if you have a sore back!

Lowered sinks and toilets are also perfect for bathrooms for people who have a disability or older people with reduced mobility. The lowered height makes it easier for those in a wheelchair to wash their hands, etc. and also for carers to help them onto the toilet or for themselves to get onto the toilet. Hand rails, which are easy to install, can also be added to the bathroom for ease of access and use of the toilet and bath.

Before researching bathroom ideas and seeing all that was available for people of different needs, I was under the wrongful impression that bathrooms for use by a disabled person weren't that aesthetically pleasing, that their function overrode their style - which to me was an absolute shame because everyone should be able to have a lovely looking home, no matter what their circumstances. However, looking at the picture above, you can clearly see that the features and fittings are all lovely and stylish and tie into modern decor perfectly.

If I'm able to make my bathroom look even half as stylish as the ones pictured above then I'd be delighted with the look of the space.

If you're looking for even more home decor inspiration check out my home decor section which is full of beautiful home decor ideas, tips and DIY inspiration.

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