Thursday, January 09, 2020

The Surprising Things You Learn When You Decide To Transform Your Body ♥

Body transformations aren’t for the faint of heart. They usually require a 180-degree about-turn and wholesale change in your habits. You can’t roll out of bed, down your creamed coffee, eat a bowl of sugary cereal and then head off to work to sit in your office chair for eight hours. You need to do things differently.

On the way, you learn a lot about yourself, your body, diet, and exercise. Surprisingly, the exercise component is actually one of the least important. It’s the rest of the stuff - your mindset - that counts.
If you’re planning on embarking on a total body transformation, here are some of the things you’ll learn along the way.

Weightlifting Destroys Fat
Sometimes it’s not a good idea to put brain ahead of brawn. Intuition tells us that we should concentrate on endurance training to burn off more calories, but real-life experience says that that’s not the whole story. Lifting weights is terrific for weight loss too.

The reason for this comes down to two things: the first is that building new muscle takes a lot of energy and puts your body into defense mode. It improves insulin sensitivity, shifting your metabolism away from the unhealthy state and into a healthy one.

The second is that muscle uses up more energy, just sitting there. The more you have, the more calories you get through in a day. It’s as simple as that. After a few months of training, your body settles into a happy medium where you build enough muscle to keep fat levels low and your figure in check.

It’s Not As Painful As You Think
People imagine that body transformation is painful and grueling, but they don’t have to be. They’re not if you do them correctly.

As I said in the introduction, the main components of body transformation is not exercise, but what you eat and your mindset. The stuff you put in your mouth and how you feel about your own abilities are the two most significant factors.

Switching your diet to something more amenable to weight loss is easier than you might think. You don’t have to make your meals boring and eat oats, tuna, broccoli, and brown rice for every lunch. Spices, sauces, and herbs all make food taste better and, importantly, contribute to health, lowering inflammation.

For some people, CBD oil can help reduce pain and anxiety, too, making it more likely that you’ll get the activity you need and not turn to comfort food.

Weight Training Doesn’t Make You Bulky
Many women worry that if they weight train, they’ll end up looking like some steroidal male bodybuilder. Fortunately, it’s not a legitimate fear. Most women (and men for that matter) can’t build mountains of muscle without using androgens, so if you’re eating a healthy diet and avoiding drugs, you won’t have any problems.

If you’ve ever seen a woman with a fantastic figure, the chances are that she does a lot of weight training. For girls, weights tone our bodies and make us look more athletic. Resistance exercise brings out the best that your figure has to offer while minimizing all the bits you don’t like.

Age Doesn’t Matter
If you think you’re too old to undergo a full-body transformation, think again. The human body has a tremendous capacity to adapt to lifestyle modifications, and even people in their seventies can see dramatic results.

The reason for this comes down to the survival circuits in our bodies. When we activate them, our bodies rebuild our tissues from the DNA on up. It’s a remarkable process that can produce shocking (and good) results.

You Become More Goal Focused
If you ever feel like you’re just drifting through life without a purpose, you’re not alone. It is something that affects millions of people across the country.

Body transformations, however, give you a new sense of focus in your life. All of a sudden, you’re working hard on something important - your health. Throughout a transformation, you train both your mind and body. Your focus allows you to say no to the things that were holding you back in the past and focus on the road ahead. It’s a fantastic experience.

If you haven’t been through a body transformation yet, you’re missing out. It’s not just feeling better about the way you look - it’s also the satisfaction you get from the achievement. You’re responsible for putting in the work and, therefore, you get to enjoy the results. Plus, you feel a heck of a lot better every day and can be at your best.

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