Tuesday, March 22, 2022

5 Ways To Look & Feel Better in Yourself

It is never easy to learn to start feeling good; because the way we feel depends on so many factors - the way we look, the way we act, the clothes we wear and the jobs we have.

However there are many ways to outwardly feel and look good and it can be just the little things that make the biggest difference! Here are some little ways to perk up your look this month to start feeling a better and more beautiful version of yourself in 2020.

Change Your Hair
Changing your hair may sound like a small factor but our hair is our crowning glory and the style, cut and colour can make a huge difference to how we feel and how we behave. Why not look at having a spruce up and cut your hair into a shorter style to feel neat and sophisticated.

Or, why not grow it out if you’ve always had it short and experiment with curls and styles for the new year? You may also look at something such as colouring your hair; after all, the colour of your hair is so important and as we hit our thirties, so it seems, we start to experience the odd grey hair poking through - I know I am!

For a youthful look, going for a lighter colour could bring a little bit of a bright change to your face; especially if you have paler or red-undertoned skin. Go a little dark for a more mature look, it can enhance olive skin and give you a lovely exotic look; or of course you could go for a more intense colour, such as reds, purples or whatever you feel you want! You can always play around as hair can be easily dyed back and the colour will eventually grow out.

Buy Some New Make-Up
Makeup can change and enhance the way you look, we all know this, but when we use the same old makeup that we have been using year in year out, our look can become stale and you can find it difficult to play around with new colours and ranges.

By gathering a brand new makeup collection you can easily start to create new looks with new colours and see a change in yourself. Also, be sure to look at the dates of your make up as anything over twelve months is likely to start harbouring toxic bacteria that can be of danger to your health.

Start looking at the colours that suit your skin tone, such as greens and blues for brown eyes, pinks and peaches and neutrals for blue eyes and purples and blues for green eyes; it will really help your eyes stand out from the crowd, that will certainly give you a confidence boost.

You could also look at getting an LVL lash lift or lash extensions which can last up to a month if you look after them well enough. Alternatively, you could use a lash serum to make your lashes look fuller and thicker in just 4 weeks! If you're looking for a recommendation, my favourite lash serum works wonders. If you have any occasions to go to this can really help perk you up and make you feel a million dollars.

Fix Your Teeth
If your teeth have been an issue for you then maybe 2020 is the year to have them looked at. If your teeth are crooked or need work done then you could look at consultations first to see what the costs may be and what it would entail. I

f you need work on your crown you could get a dental crown that looks like your adjacent tooth, or have some work done on removing any damaged teeth. It doesn’t have to be a difficult procedure to endure, if you find the right dentist but it could make a world of difference to your confidence.

Get Fitter
How we feel on the outside will make us feel better on the outside - I know this certainly is the case for me. Most of us do not get nearly enough sleep or exercise and that is down to our lifestyle choices and possibly our work.

When we don’t get enough sleep at night, we probably feel sluggish throughout the day, our eyes suffer and we are more prone to feeling unwell and getting migraines. However, if you have trouble sleeping, it’s wise to ask yourself why. Perhaps you’re not getting enough exercise that will allow your body to want to rest at night and not overthink things? Start walking to work, ditching the car when you go to the shop, go swimming or buy a bike, the options are endless and they don’t have to be difficult. Do workouts at home and look at local classes such as yoga and Pilates.

Getting fitter doesn't have to be about weight loss. For me, getting fitter is about getting stronger, conditioning my body and having it feel and work in the best way possible.

Eat Well
Maintaining a good diet will assist your body and confidence more than you realise. By eating well you are giving your body a boost from the inside out and it can also be great for your skin and hair.

The things we eat affect how our hair grows and how our skin reacts to problems. Dairy is linked to acne and bad skin and if this is an issue it is best to cut it out or try alternatives. Drinking more water will help your skin and keeping dehydrated is the key to attacking many physical issues such as fatigue, bloating, headaches and more.

Add a little lemon to help detox or any type of fruit of choice. Ginger can be great for bloating. When our skin feels good we feel good and eating plenty of natural fatty foods rich in oils and omega 3 will have your skin looking less dry and more glowy very soon. Fish is great, avocados, grains and most greens will help detox the skin and rid you of any acne or blemishes over time. You can of course also use rosehip oil and other natural oils to help scarring too.

How we eat accounts for so much, so start making a food diary and seeing what works and what doesn’t and meal plan well; don’t skip meals and start realising that your body is most definitely your temple.

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