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The Top 3 Places I Want To Visit in America ♥

*This is a collaborative post, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Ever since I was a child, America has been somewhere I've wanted to go.

It all started with a with childhood spent wanting to go to Disneyworld, Florida and progressed onto a fascination with California, Hawaii and lots of other gorgeous sounding places I discovered through my American pen pals. I learned of so many amazing places throughout America and have always dreamed of seeing it's vast and different landscapes for myself.

With my love of Instagram, I see so many beautiful places throughout the USA on a daily basis and they really give me a sense of wanderlust. It really is a continent like no other and it has me in awe how one country alone can have desert, snowy mountains and gorgeous seaside destinations. America really does seem to be a country that has it all and I love following along with other bloggers road trips and travels there.

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So where would I like to visit most within America? Lots of states appeal to me because of their landscape, but here are the three places I'd most like to visit within the US.

1. California
I think I'm such a clichéd Irish person with this answer but California would be top of my list. I think, of all the states, it's one that resonates with me most. I have the impression that it's laid back, with beautiful beaches and lots of sunshine. It's also home to those stunning wild poppies during the summer months and I'd love to witness them in bloom in person. I'll be researching the top 10 locations of Californian poppy meadows before venturing on any trip there, but how dreamy would it be to capture all those poppies in bloom?

 I'd also love to see the famous 'Painted Ladies' houses in San Francisco. I love their architecture and pastel colours and couldn't think of a more Instagram-worthy place to take a snap in California.

California is a state with a lot to offer, from gorgeous beaches with surfer vibes to beautiful natures and fabulous places of interest and I'd love to travel around the state by camper van and explore them all to my hearts content.

2. Hawaii
Hawaii is like another world to me and so in contrast to the cold, wet days we get here in Ireland, so I really would love to experience it in person.

Again, it's Hawaii's laid back vibe that appeals to me the most and I'd love to swim in the Pacific Ocean. The nature in Hawaii is also like something from a dream. With waterfalls, stunning coastline, golden beaches and the largest sea mountain in the world - where you can take a stargazing tour, how amazing! Hawaii also has 50 state parks that preserve the beauty and culture of the islands and I'd love to witness them for myself.

3. Salem, Massachusetts
Home to the famous Salem witch trials, Salem would be top on my list to visit during the month of October. I'd love to visit the Salem Witch Museum and it would be great to immerse myself in all things spooky!

There's so many things to see and do in Salem and I'd love to experience them all. I also love the architecture in Salem, the houses are like nothing I've ever seen before and I'd love the opportunity to photograph them. I couldn't think of a more perfect place to go and experience everything witchy and spooky while set in the most perfect autumn backdrop.

I know America has so much to offer, so many big cities unlike anything I've ever seen before, but honestly, it's the quaint little towns, countryside, nature and amazing landscapes that appeal to me the most about visiting the US.

Where would you love to visit most in America?


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  1. I’d love to see all the little towns on Route 66, and San Francisco!


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