Monday, June 24, 2019

How to Create a Focal Point in Your Living Room - Even If You Don't Have A Fireplace ♥

Deciding on how to decorate your living room can be difficult; after all, it is one room in your home that performs so many functions. Your living room is probably the room which will be seen most by your guests, but also somewhere that the whole family gets together to chill out. A living room needs to be a space that is functional but also looks great. With so many elements to consider, it can be hard to know where to get started when planning your décor.

Most great interior design schemes begin with a central focal point for the room and then build the rest of the scheme around this. In a living room the focal point is often a fireplace, but what do you do if your room doesn’t have a fireplace? Here are some ways to create a focal point that adds that special something to your room without the need for a fireplace.

Gorgeous Gallery Walls
Gallery walls have been a popular focal point for a few years now, and the trend certainly seems to be an enduring one. Creating a gallery wall may look a little daunting, but actually, it can be loads of fun putting this look together.

The beauty of a gallery wall is that your frames and pictures don’t need to match, you can start with just one piece of artwork or a photo and build up your gallery wall from there. The possibilities for gallery walls are endless. You can incorporate wall hangings, quirky plaques - pretty much anything goes, if you see something you love, why not add it?

Add a Feature Firebox
Not having a fireplace in your home doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fire. There are some beautiful electric fire designs on the market right now, with a whole range of features such as colour changing flames.

A firebox offers an ultra-modern focal point to any contemporary home and provides a practical, yet incredibly stylish way to add some wow factor to your living room.

Stunning Shelving
Who says that shelving has to be boring? Shelving offers an attractive mix of practicality, storage, and works well as a feature statement too. Making a feature of your shelving is all about arranging it in a way that creates the most visual impact, and then, of course, filling it with things that you love.

Feature shelving is a perfect way to make a statement in a smaller room; this is because it enables you to showcase your belongings, without taking up any floor space.

Wonderful Wallpaper
Thought that the feature wall was a thing of the past? Think again! There are some beautiful statement wallpapers out there right now, so why not use one to decorate a wall in your home where you might expect to find a fireplace. From bold prints to vibrant colours, the options are endless.

Try placing furniture in front of your feature wallpaper that has contrasting colours to make a powerful style statement.

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