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How To Integrate Your Indoor & Outdoor Decor ♥

Designing a beautiful home is never restricted to the interior alone. If a property has an outdoor space, the chances are you have paid a lot of extra money for that privilege, so it makes sense to make the most of that space in relation to the rest of your property. This not only includes making the most of your garden, but integrating it seamlessly with your indoor decor, so that it is as accessible, visible and as much a part of your property as any part of the house.

The ease in which you can integrate the two spaces together depends on many things, including your creativity, the way your use your home and garden, your homes layout, the time you want to put into the design of your home and your budget.

Of course a complete renovation is possible to create a stunning indoor to outdoor space, but it is important to know that even the smallest or easiest additions or adjustments can make the biggest differences too.

First Things First, Why Integrate The Indoor And Outdoor Of You Property?
It is important to base decor decisions on more than just visual values, if you want deeper benefits. Integrating your indoor and outdoor and outdoor space can definitely provide you with deeper than visual benefits such as:

  • Better concentration and focus - A study released in 2015 suggested that simply looking at nature outside a window for a short time brings many benefits 
  • Encouraging you to spend time outside in nature for mindfulness benefits 
  • A better mood - According to studies, access to outdoor space is worth about £300 pounds per person because it lifts the mood 
  • Providing an easier indoor to outdoor fluidity when entertaining guests 
  • Stress reduction - Taking a closer look at nature is thought to reduce our stress levels 
  • Giving you more control over cleaning and safety in terms of pets and children moving between the outdoors and indoors, and vice versa 
  • Encouraging children to go outside - there are huge benefits to children having easy access to an outside space 

OK I'm Sold! How Do I Integrate My Indoor And Outdoor Space?
Here are our top suggestions for integrating indoor and outdoor decor of your home:

Beautiful Bifold Doors
Bifold doors such as these examples here, create integration between the indoors and outdoors seamlessly. With the doors shut you get a broader vision of the outdoors from your kitchen or dining room, bringing the outdoors in. The doors also allow tons more light to flood into the house, increasing the aesthetic of your indoor space.

Plenty Of Plants
Plants are probably the easiest way to blend indoors and outdoors, and they're pretty cost-effective too. With a few well-placed plants near to the connecting part of where your house and garden meet, you can easily bring the two together with ease. Try to match pot styles and colours, and plant types to completely link the two areas together.

A Continuation Of Flooring
Can your indoor flooring also be your outdoor flooring? Often this depends on whether or not you have a roofed outdoor space connecting to your indoor space. If you do, it is easy to match indoor tiles with outdoor tiles enabling the indoors to outdoor flow. You could do the same thing with matching rugs or even furniture depending on your budget and whether you have a conservatory or not.

Can You Add A Shelter?
Adding a shelter to your outdoor space will enable you to be able to stroll outside to in whatever the weather and that level of accessibility can be hugely beneficial in the fluidity between your house and your garden. There's no barrier to your garden even if it is raining or blisteringly hot, so your back doors can always be open, and you can easily move between the indoor and outdoor areas. You can find inspiration on building your own patio cover here.

Repeat Patterns And Styles In Your Garden
If you have patterns or styles that repeat throughout your garden, such as geometric shapes, floral patterns on accessories, colours or materials, repeating those internally and externally will bond the two areas. The integration can be completely subtle, but it will be noticeable as part of a larger decor plan.

Reconsider How You Use Different Spaces
Could your office be in the room that connects to the garden? Could you cook more in the garden? Could you do yoga on your patio as well as in your conservatory? Sometimes spending more time between the indoor and outdoor spaces that connect is the key to integrating your home with your garden. More cooking up a storm and serving the food on the decking, growing veggies, or taking a nap outside and moving inside to the garden facing sofa you love. For more inspiration, take a look at this interesting article about chefs with kitchen gardens and this inspiring article about creating a yoga garden.

Hopefully the tips above have helped inspire you to start integrating your indoor and outdoor decor for both aesthetic benefits, and much deeper benefits that could truly enhance your quality of life, and that of your family too. Be creative, be open-minded and have fun for indoor and outdoor integration that is seamless, beautiful and that enhances the way you enjoy your home.


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