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Minbie | Products That Help Make Breastfeeding Easier For Mother's & Babies ♥

 *This post is in collaboration with Minbie, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

I'm a mother of two boys. Two boys who were very big at birth - 9lbs 8oz and 9lbs 11oz respectively. From the moment I found out I was pregnant with my eldest I was adamant that I wanted to breastfeed. For me it seemed the most natural thing and as a young mother (just 3 weeks shy of turning 23 when I had my eldest son), it seemed like the most cost-effective way to feed my baby too.

However, my breastfeeding journey simply didn't work out the way I planned. I had little or no support. In fact, I had people telling me left, right and center that bottle-feeding my son would be best. In spite of this, I carried on breastfeeding him up until he was two weeks old, then I gave in.

He was a very hungry baby, my milk wasn't coming in and I was exhausted. I had to have a blood transfusion after my son was born and I refused a second transfusion because I desperately wanted to leave hospital (foolish I know but I honestly was going stir crazy in there).

My partner returned to work shortly after our sons birth and he came home to me sobbing one night - that's when I asked him to go and buy a bottle for our son. At that moment in time (and in some ways to this day), I felt like I had failed my son.

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing a mother can do for her baby - yet, I couldn't.

At that time I wish I had know about Minbie, and this is why I am choosing to share about their wonderful products on my blog, in case there's any other new mother's out there who feel like they're failing and need support and solutions for both themselves and their babies.

Minbie's mission is to empower new mothers, by giving them greater flexibility to introduce a bottle to their baby, with the peace of mind of knowing that their baby's precious breastfeeding ability will be nurtured and protected.

 Minbie's patented teat achieves this mission with a unique design that allows a baby to latch and feed correctly. The Minbie teat helps to prevent a weak latch, lazy feeding, nipple confusion, reflux and colic.

As you can see in the above picture, the Minbie teat is a unique design and resembles a more realistic nipple shape for baby to latch on to. Minbie has helped over 200,000 parents with their breast and bottle feed journey with their babies and with over 9000 5-star reviews, the quality, helpfulness and love for this product speaks for itself.

I looked through the reviews for the Minbie teat and they were all from women who praised the product. They stated reasons for wanting to bottle feed their baby such as returning to work, wanting to share feeding responsibilities with their partners, having to put their baby in daycare, etc. and they were relieved when their babies took to the Minbie teat with minimal, or in most cases from what I've read, no fuss from their babies.

Another amazing product within the Minbie range is the Minbie Hospital Grade Rechargeable Double Breast Pump (£159). This breast pump allows mother's to pump breast milk quick and smoothly. It is also portable, so can be used on the go and has a long-lasting rechargeable battery. It's soft silicone cups are gentle on sensitive breast tissue (I tried a breast pump when trying to continue breast feeding my son and it hurt so much, so this is reassuring from Minbie!), it's quiet and has a backlit display so can be used at any hour.

The Minbie Breast Pump stimulates the natural sucking of your baby, so it helps to support your breastfeeding journey by assisting mothers to build and maintain milk production - again, this is a very reassuring aspect of this Minbie product.

Again, the reviews on the Minbie Breast Pump were all positive. One reviewer named Chloe stated -

"The Minbie double pump is the best!
It has great suction, the silicon moulds are comfortable to use, it’s compact and I love that you can adjust the Cycle & Vacuum separately whether you are doing single or dual pumping. Another bonus is the minimal amount of parts which makes sterilising quick and simple! Having the ability to pump on both sides simultaneously means that pumping fits easily into my routine and never feels like a chore".

I think Minbie is a fantastic brand and that's why I had to share it with you all. Not only is it empowering mother's to continue on their breastfeeding journeys with their babies, they are also allowing mothers to breastfeed while also having the freedom, flexibility and time to allow their partner's to help with feeding the baby, return to work but still express milk for their babies and to pump breast milk on the go without being tied to their baby.

When baby number three comes along (because there most definitely will be a third), I will be purchasing products from the Minbie range myself and will once again share about them with my followers.

I love supporting brands that support new parents and Minbie definitely provides much needed support to new mothers and their breastfeeding journeys.

You can find out more about Minbie and their amazing product's on the Minbie website.


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