Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Why Mums Are Extending Their Support Network To Online Communities ♥

There are many reasons to join a support group. By joining a support group it will help you feel less isolated, it will help you to reduce stress and depression because everyone in the group is going through the same or similar things to you. They will be able to encourage you and help you out with advice and useful tips and hints.

When I was pregnant with Tyler I joined an online forum for pregnant mums, with different threads for each expectant birth month. We eventually took our forum thread over to a private Facebook and we all shared the highs and lows of our pregnancies, shared advice and support when our new babies were born and those who already had children were able to assure us newbies of the group when we were encountering any worries.

It was a great support and help and I'm happy to say that I'm still friendly with some of the mothers from that online forum.

There are many benefits that a support network like Nutricia Careline network can offer you. It's a place where you can meet like-minded people. People that all need support in the area where you need it too.

In this post I'm sharing why the different support groups available online can help you so much in your new role as a mother - just as they did for me.

Access Online Support Networks 24/7
An online community has many benefits. You can go online and chat with people about your emotional state at 1:30 AM in your pyjamas. Chances are, there will be others online too, sitting at the kitchen table, also in their pyjamas. When you find the right online community, it can help you to socialise, to connect and to be validated right from the comfort of your home. Even if you are living in another country, you can join an online community that’s based in your own country - even your own hometown. This will help you with homesickness.

A Chance To Learn From Others With Experience
You can leverage the knowledge of those who have gone before you, which is especially comforting to first-time parents. You can download an app or log onto a chat room or register on online forums. There are many different things you can choose from. And when everything gets a bit much, there are sites that help to see the lighter side of life, and in this case, parenting. You can choose from sarcastic mums to modern dads, to travelling families. It's all out there, just a click or a download away.

Something For Everyone
In 2014 an Australian study found that online groups and communities were overtaking traditional playgroups as a source of trusted advice. Mothers used to share information face-to-face at playgroups and mums groups but online communities are being used more and more by busy mothers. Online groups have been such a help to people like myself who suffer from anxiety and who just don't have the confidence to go to a mother and baby group, etc. It means that we're not fully alone and that's such a comforting thing.

The online support networks cover a multitude of topics. If you are a mum and an entrepreneur, there is a site for you. There are sites dedicated to breastfeeding, postpartum and mums with children with ADHD. And thank goodness they are all a click away.

Other Sources Of Support Networks
The more traditional support networks are mums groups or playgroups where women meet face-to-face to share the joys and trials and tribulations of parenthood. Here you can chat, make friends all the while getting the support that you need.

Family and friends can also be an amazing support network. When they offer a much-needed hug or help with cleaning your house every once in a while, take it. And grandparents make very good baby sitters.

Healthcare providers have years of experience and can assist new mums with their concerns and questions. Your general healthcare practitioner, nurse or midwife are there to support you.

We Are Privileged
Twenty-five years ago, if we stayed in another country, we would have to use landlines and letters to stay in contact with our support system back home. Nowadays, we can click on an app on our phone and we are connected at any time, day or night. Just like that, modern technology has brought us all closer together.

I'm thankful of apps such as Facetime which allow myself and my children to speak to my Dad on a daily basis, even though he's in another country. Apps such as Skype mean that the boys get to speak to their grandparents in South Africa too and see them face-to-face on a weekly basis. It means that our families are still connected, even though we're thousands of miles apart.

Because of technology we can connect with people thousands of miles away with a flick of a switch. Yes, we are definitely privileged how we live our lives today. Therefore, use what is available today and connect. There’s no need to be isolated. Get connected and get the support you need from online communities.


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