Thursday, February 21, 2019

5 Top Revision Tips For Students ♥

Exam season will soon be here and If you want to help your child do well in school, particularly in their exams, it’s important that they know to put in the effort when it comes to revision. Exam time is a tough period for students (I still remember studying for my leaving cert on those gorgeous sunny early summer days... tough times!), which is why Mount House School, a Sixth Form in Hertfordshire, have put together some helpful tips to help:

Follow a Schedule
Many students work well when following a structured revision timetable, so it’s worth taking the time to help them set one up. It will help them know which subjects to work on and for how long, so that each topic gets an appropriate amount of focus. Be sure to add in some regular breaks so your child doesn’t go stir crazy.

Have a Positive Attitude
Try and instill confidence in your son or daughter by having a positive, optimistic attitude towards their exams and studying. They’re unlikely to succeed if they approach the exams with a defeatist attitude.

Set Up a Study Area
Make sure that your child has a quiet area in which they can do their revision, that has limited distractions. Invest in all of the right stationery in the run up to exam period so that the revision sessions can go undisturbed. Pinterest has lots of great study area inspiration for creating the perfect and most productive space for your child to learn and revise for exams.

Understand their Learning Style
Everyone has their own preferred learning style meaning that different revision techniques will be more effective than others. Some students will prefer learning from visual cues and flash cards, whilst others will prefer listening to audio books or talking things over with a revision buddy. Once you understand your child’s learning style, you’ll be able to suggest appropriate revision techniques for them to try.

Get Involved
If your child is struggling with their school work or revision, they might be in need of some help. There’s nothing wrong with giving them some additional support in preparation for their exams, whether that comes from you as their parents or additional grinds in trouble subjects from tutors.

Do you have a child with exams coming up? Do you follow these tips to help them revise?

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