Tuesday, February 12, 2019

These Upgrades Will Make It Easier To Clean Your Bathroom ♥

Cleaning the bathroom is always a pain. No matter how hard you work at keeping your space as clean and dirt-free as possible it always seems to attract grime. However, if you’re sick of scrubbing germs and bacteria away from your bathroom fixtures and fittings, the good news is that there are several upgrades you can put in place to make your bathroom much easier to clean.

Choose The Right Materials
Tiled bathrooms look great but they’re a nightmare to clean. The grout can attract all the mold and mildew which is then almost impossible to clean. The good news is that you don’t need to tile your bathroom. Instead, why not opt for real-stone waterproof veneer or glass surfaces? Or even a wipe clean vinyl which comes in a large sheet with virtually no grout at all required. If you really want tiles, there are better options. You can choose large tiles that have narrow grout lines. This produces a contemporary, stylish look with minimal upkeep – a double win for you!

Touchless Faucets
If you’ve ever seen touchless faucets in shopping center or restaurant restrooms and thought about how much better your bathroom at home would be with one, you can finally have your dream! Now, there are lots of home faucets for your bathroom which will eliminate dirt and germs from your faucet surfaces thanks to the integrated sensors. There are even some home models available which will light up as soon as you get near the sink. This doesn’t just look futuristic, it’s also a real bonus if you’re using the bathroom during the night and don’t want to put the light on!

A No-Groove Toilet
Everyone hates scrubbing the toilet. It’s something that we can all agree on. Cleaning all the revolting cracks and crevices around the back of the toilet bowl and cistern can be truly disgusting. Luckily, there’s a better solution – the single piece toilet. Traditional two piece units feature separate tanks and bowls with lots of crevices and grooves which are almost impossible to clean properly. A one piece toilet, made from just one bit of porcelain, will save you hours of scrubbing and there’s no need to get up close to the gross parts of your toilet. You should also look for a pressure assisted toilet which will slash cleaning time while eliminating backups. The powerful water jet will scrub out the bowl removing any unpleasant particles. These toilets even help you to save water thanks to their eco-friendly design.

An Exhaust Fan
If you don’t have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, it’s time to make the upgrade. Exhaust fans fight micro-organisms in your space, combating mildew and mold as well as protecting your trim, paint and walls from unsightly bacteria growth. When left unchecked, the excess moisture in your bathroom causes deterioration of the paint, trim and wallboard, but spending money on an exhaust fan will save you a fortune in repairs later on. Even if your bathroom has an exhaust fan already, take a closer look at the latest models which are more powerful and quieter while also requiring less energy to keep them running. The latest modern models also have humidity sensors which will automatically switch on the fan when you get in the shower or bath and then switch off once the air has cleared. While you’re thinking of ways to remove excess moisture from your bathroom, consider installing a dehumidifier. This is an especially good option when you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom. A dehumidifier is the best way to prevent mold from taking hold in your bathroom with minimal fuss. Effectively removing the moisture from the air, it’ll protect your space from condensation and damp that eventually causes the unsightly and unhealthy problem of mold and mildew.

Put these upgrades in place and you’ll save hours of time in cleaning your bathroom! Never again will you spend your entire weekend scrubbing grime, bacteria and dirt away from your toilet, bathtub, shower and walls. You can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful bathroom with none of the downsides! Perfect!

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