Friday, September 14, 2018

Fun Life Hacks For Twenty-Something Women ♥

Being a young woman in today’s world is a lot different to how it used to be. We no longer have to live in the shadows at home behind our working husbands (unless we want to of course): we can live alone, have a wonderful career, build our own businesses… But however easy a woman's life now is politically speaking, it is still difficult day to day.

If you want a few quick hacks which will make your life as a young woman just a little easier to bear, here are some clever ones I've stumbled upon recently and being twenty-eight myself, these are things which I find quite clever and helpful in my busy, daily life.

Remembering birth control
Birth control is the bane of many women’s lives and it can be frustrating to know that there are no solutions for men yet which work as effectively. Unless you want to end up needing emergency contraception, you will want to keep on top of taking your pill each day. You can place your pill box in a prominent place, set alarms on your phone and even get your friends to text you each day. Once you have your pills sorted you will be able to live your life safely and protected.

Manage stress with meditation
No one in the world enjoys being stressed, and less people in the world want to live their lives feelings tight and cramped all day. To combine a solution to the two of these issues as well as to help you feel stronger, you can take some time to do yoga and meditation hand in hand. Yoga is a form of meditation which makes us move and pay better attention than normal to our bodies. For 20 minutes a day, it can reduce stress significantly and make you feel more supple.

Use straighteners as an iron
Who enjoys ironing? No one! Ironing is a pain in the neck when you have to break out the board, get yourself the iron and a jug of water for just a few garments, and it hardly seems like the effort is needed just to straighten out a few creases. If you have hair straighteners though, you can use them to iron the creases out of your clothes as well as your hair!

Curl your hair in five minutes
Curling your hair, especially if you have a lot of it can take you ages to do in the morning and it can cause many of us to give up trying to achieve those perfect curly hairstyles. It’s a good job then that there is a way of quickly curling your hair within 5 minutes. Simply comb out your hair and place it in a high pony at the top of your head. Take your curlers and grab a strand, hold for 10 seconds and move on. Rather than grabbing a ton of different strands and layers, you will only need to grab around 8-10 pieces before it’s all curled. Once done, let down your hair, give it a brush out with your fingers and you are ready to start your day.

Use baby shampoo when shaving
Shaving our legs and armpits is an unfortunate necessity to achieve that smooth skin and to feel feminine all the time. However sometimes you run out of shaving gel or conditioner and you don’t know what to use to lubricate your legs. One choice however is to use baby shampoo. Baby shampoo is gentle on the skin, soft and bubbly and very effective as a shaving cream supplement. Give it a try this week and you will never look back!

Curl your hair overnight
If you want to achieve really voluminous curls which won’t damage your hair with heat and will last you all day, one of your options to do is to curl your hair overnight. This is super easy and will give you glorious curls in the morning. Wash your hair and let it dry 80-90%. Put your hair up into a high ponytail. Take a strand of approximately 1 inch thickness and curl it around your finger until you have a little ring at the top of your head. Bobby pin the hair into your ponytail and carry on all over the head. You should end up with something that looks like a bun. Sleep overnight, take it all out in the morning and say hello to stunning curls.

Wash hair in cold water
Our hair is a delicate thing and we should do all that we can to look after it throughout our lives. As tempting as it is to take a hot shower at the end of the day, you need to wash your hair is cool water to prevent damage and breakage. You can always wash your hair first, pin it up with a bull clip in the shower and then turn up the heat to warm you back up. It will make washing hair simple and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.

Spray tights with hairspray
Always find yourself getting ladders in your tights when you are at work? Then you are certainly not alone. Laddering your tights is incredibly annoying and it can be an embarrassment you live with for the rest of the day afterwards. To avoid feeling this way. Spray your tights with hairspray before leaving the house and this will prevent your tights from becoming laddered.

Store bobby pins in a tic tac box
Where are all the bobby pins? We hear you say as you scour the house searching for a clip to keep your hair back out of your face. Bobby pins are mysterious little things. One day you have 100 and the next day you have 4. When it comes to storing bobby pins, try vamping up an old tic tac box with paint and using this. You can keep your pins in one place and be sure to never lose them.

Sew a bra clasp into your shirts
Sick and tired of trying to wear cute tops and realising that your bra pokes out underneath? You aren’t the only one. Bras can be annoying sometime, but unless you have an athletic build it is hard to imagine leaving the house without one. To keep your bra in place you can buy bras clasps to attach to your clothes. Simply sew into the shoulder, clip your bra in and voila!


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