Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Why Are Boys Never Allowed To Be Anything Other Than A Stereotype? ♥

This photo, one which I'm quite proud of, loving how the composition and the classic edit turned out, has turned into a real talking point for me today.

I woke up this morning and checked my Instagram, as you do, and noticed a comment on this picture of my boy sporting his adorable little hand-knitted bonnet from a lovely fellow Irish lady. The comment simply stated -

"I don't know if I've ever seen a boy in a bonnet before".


Now there's nothing wrong with this comment per say... perhaps the commented really had never seen a boy in a bonnet before - she's American it seems and maybe it's not the done thing there, but my objection is to the tone of her comment, suggesting that it's somehow wrong for a boy to be wearing a bonnet.

As a boy mum I am sick to my back teeth of people being against boys. There, I said it.

This is something that has been on my mind for so long and I'm glad that this has finally spurred me on to air my thoughts on the subject.

Every forum I use and read, I see posts and stories championing girls and fighting for their rights, their futures and their equality. Where are the posts and stories doing the same for boys?

I feel as if it's almost become a big 'no no' to stand up for boys, to see them as equals who should also be allowed to do all the things that girls want to do, but it really seems as though this isn't the case.

My good friend Hayley once wrote a very thought-provoking post called 'Sometimes I Wish...', sharing her thoughts and worries about her son wanting to wear a tutu, but what society would find wrong with that. Hayley states in this post that girls are allowed to be anything they can dream of, but not boys and I for one think this could not be more true.

Why are boys never allowed to be anything other than a stereotype?


It seems as though we're in an age where there are so many opportunities for girls to be whatever they want in life, so much diversity in everything they are offered - clothing being an example. Why is it that in 2018 girls are able to have superheroes and camo print, but boys are never allowed to have unicorns and rainbows - or even bonnets in my youngest sons case.

How is it that things have changed so positively for girls, yet boys are never allowed to be anything other than the typical boy stereotype of sports, dinosaurs and dirt?

I have two boys, both so totally different. One has no interest in sports, dinosaurs, cars and anything stereotypically 'boyish', the other loves them all... yet they are both boys, both different, but both boys nonetheless - why are boys not catered to as diversely as girls when it comes to clothing, toys, books, etc.?

Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely delighted that things have changed so positively for girls - I am female after all, but as a mother of two young boys who will one day grow up to be men, I feel as though I have to fight for their rights to also be allowed to be whoever they want to be in life. I feel as though it is my job to fight for their rights to be something other than a stereotype.

Boys can be whoever they want to be. Boys can like whatever they want. Boys can wear whatever they want.

And be that a bonnet plastered in rainbow print with a big glittery pom pom on top, who's business is it anyway but theirs?

Gone are the days when boys are expected not to cry just because they're boys. Instead, boys are encouraged to share their emotions and this is something I am very passionate about as a mother. I want my boys to share their thoughts and feelings with me and not keep everything bottled up inside - I think we all know the devastating consequences this can have on young men.

Boys can be sweethearts, they can be the most caring little souls, thoughtful, loving and kind, but in some cases I feel as though they're not even allowed to express that, having to conform to societies views that boys are tough, strong and non-affectionate. I'm happy to be raising sons who aren't ashamed to tell me they love me.

It's 2018 people. It's time to wake up and realise that boys and girls are no longer stereotypes, that boys and girls can be whoever they want to be and that should be embraced.

No need to get a bee in your bonnet about a boy wearing a bonnet - pun intended.



  1. I'm so with you here.gorgeous photo btw! I'm a mum of a girl and I let her play with everything and dress anything. Boys can dress pink and do ballet or whatever they want, they are kids after all and all valued by what they are. I hate positive discrimination and it drives me mad. I'm up for we all have equal rights and everyone should receive the same support :)

  2. My son Logan goes to a toddler dance class (has his own ballet shoes), loves to pick flowers, care for his ‘baby’ and play with his trucks.
    My daughter Isabella too with the exception of the flowers but she’s only 15 months


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