Friday, September 14, 2018

How To Improve Your Bathroom ♥

Most properties nowadays have more than one bathroom (we currently have three!) and keeping these maintained (oh all the cleaning!) and modern may seem like a laborious task, however, it doesn’t have to be.

There are many simple but effective things you can do in your bathroom in order to give it a 'mini makeover' and potentially even increase the value of your home when doing so. Most modern homes have really nice bathrooms, but these are generally also quite basic, and you would need to ask the home builders to do something a little bit extra in order to make it really stylish.

It may even be more cost effective for you to do this yourself rather than rely on the home builders. If you don’t have the energy or even the skillset in order to do some of these activities, then you can always call in for help. Here are some basic tips that you could consider for improving your bathroom.

Tiling seems extremely popular nowadays specifically in the bathrooms. If this is done correctly it can add a little bit of class to the property. If this is done to a sub-standard quality though it can have the completely opposite effect and make the bathroom look shabby. As a result, if you have not got the correct level of experience in tiling then it may be wise to call in the experts to do it for you. It is not particularly expensive for someone to do this on your behalf and depending on what you are looking for this full job can be completed in a few days.

Tiles themselves range in prices quite significantly however when it is totally complete, whether it is the walls or the floor, it generally looks really awesome and modern.

Whirlpool Bath
A lot of homes now have a whirlpool bath as normal and these are something that potential home buyers now like to see. If you do not know what a whirlpool bath is, it is like a jacuzzi in the bath where air goes into the water from below and creates bubbles. The actual bath itself is generally not really expensive and you can get it from many different retailers in store or online however installing it can be a little bit trickier. We would suggest that you get some plumber quotes and find someone to do this for you.

You could use to find a plumber who enable you to write a scope of exactly what it is you need to have completed and then wait for the quotes to come in from local plumbers. You’ll likely have several plumber quotes come in around the same price, so you may need to have a think about the individual’s credentials to see what reviews have been left for them. Previous work completed by the person will generally have a positive or negative review left by the customers which is normally good honest feedback. This will help you in making a decision on the quality of work they would complete and their reliability.

When you get the whirlpool bath installed in the bathroom, you can go and relax and have your own mini jacuzzi.

Lighting in a bathroom can make so much difference in terms of how it comes across. Some people have loads of lighting where it is extremely bright, but others may go for dipped lights. Lighting is not generally an expensive improvement to make however if you have for instance only one light on the ceiling then there are things you can do to make this a little more modern. Consider if ceiling spotlights may make a noticeable improvement to the bathroom as these are generally not expensive or hard to install.

If the bathroom is on the upper floor, then whoever is installing them will need access to the loft potentially in order to set them correctly. If you are not an electrician or you have very little experience with electricity then the recommendation would be to leave it to the experts and not trust it due to the potential health and safety implications and risk of receiving an electric shock.

Keeping the Costs Down
When you are completing the simple upgrades to your bathroom, there is no need for you to go over the top with the costs. Some of the items above may actually cost a few hundred, however, there are more simple things that you can do that hardly cost a thing.

Consider trying out some of the simple activities such as replacing a mirror or even the matting on the floor. You may even want to reflect on the colours which could include changing the towel colours. Making some of these simple changes will hardly cost you anything and your bathroom will look a lot better.

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