Monday, September 17, 2018

4 Things You Need For A Healthy Life ♥

If you are always on the lookout for new ways to be healthy and life a healthy life, then you will probably be aware that you need to approach this issue from many angles in order to really get it right. Living a healthier life is something I have been concentrating more on this year and thankfully, I've seen lots of benefits from my efforts.

The truth is that there are so many ways to improve your health that the more you utilise the more likely it is you will be able to see some real changes - like I did when I concentrated hard on improving my health and lost 30lbs in 5 months. Living a healthier life is something I have to work on on a daily basis. Each day I strive to do something good for my body and honestly, from all the changes I've made, I feel so much better in myself both physically and mentally.

There are few things in particular which your health is particularly reliant upon and I'm sharing what I think some of the main things are, so that you can more effectively learn to take control of your health in the future. As long as you are taking care of the following, you can be sure that you are starting to master your health on the whole.

The diet is obviously one of the most important parts of all of this, but it is - for whatever reason - also incredibly easy to overlook it and not give it the importance it is really due. If you want to be as healthy as you can be, you will clearly need to make sure that you are focusing on what your diet is doing, and if you don’t manage to do that then it will likely mean that you are going to struggle with being as healthy as possible.

Diet can easily be changed and altered and improved thankfully, and the good news is that you will see the improvements from doing so very quickly. As long as you are focusing on what you eat, your health can see some great improvements indeed. I used to never eat fruit, but since I began on my healthy living journey I now eat fruit everyday. I also never skip breakfast, I drink plenty of water and I try to stay clear of the sugary stuff - although this can be a challenge I do believe in 'everything in moderation too'.

Eating healthier has left me feeling less bloated, with a lot more natural energy and has left my skin glowing.

If you go through periods of not being able to sleep very well, it is likely that you will see it having some kind of an impact on your health. A lack of good quality sleep leads to more stress, heart problems in the long run, and a whole host of other issues to boot.

It is, therefore, hugely important to make sure that you are doing whatever you can to get more sleep, and a better quality of sleep, than you might be used to. That could mean managing sleep cycles, making your bedroom more conducive to deep sleep by removing lights and distractions, or simply learning to spend some time in deep meditation before you attempt to sleep. As long as you do all that, you should be able to get much more good quality sleep in no time.

This was an element missing in my life for a long time, yet it is so important for health. People need at least forty minutes of exercise a day and everyone should strive to be as active as they possibly can be - no matter what level of fitness they have.

I began my exercises by pushing my baby son up and down hills in his buggy - this is so good for a cardio workout and great for toning the arms! Overtime my fitness level improved and I took the leap to join a gym. I now enjoy going four or five times a week and I notice that as my strength and fitness improves that my mental health does too.

Exercise is both great for the physical and for the mental, as those endorphins release good energy. I love testing myself in the gym now and my health has seen so many positive benefits from exercising each day - my weight has dropped, my waist line is now in a 'safe zone', my visceral fat has decreased and my knees no longer click!

If you are not happy, it is much less likely that you will be able to look after your health that well, and this is one of those vicious cycles which you want to try and avoid altogether if you can help it.

Happiness is something that is both a product of good health and also an underlying cause of it, so working on either side of this equation is going to make a difference in some respect. As long as you are aware of that, and you are working diligently towards improving your own happiness, you will be able to ensure that you are going to be much healthier in the main.

Try to do at least one thing every day that makes you happy - whether it be reading a book, baking something nice to enjoy, spending time with friends or going for a walk in the sunshine, concentrate on taking time out even for just fifteen minutes a day and concentrate on your own mindset and needs.

What do you do to stay healthy? You can read more about my healthy living journey here.

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