Friday, August 31, 2018

Woodland Themed Toddler Bedroom Inspiration ♥

We have lived in our current house for just over a year now and thankfully we have been told that we can stay here for another two years - such a weight off our minds as we thought we would find ourselves in a homeless situation due to the lack of affordable rental properties in our area.

Now that all the worry is behind us, we've begun to make the house a home for ourselves and to give the place our own little stamp when it comes to decor.

One room which I have been focusing on - and have spoken about on my Instagram, @dollydowsie - is Beau's bedroom.

Beau is now two and is very much a fully-fledged little toddler, getting into everything and so cheeky! He's a dote and now that he's no longer a little baby, I feel as though it's time to give his bedroom a little revamp of sorts.

His room is probably my favourite of the house. It's south facing and is nice and bright. There's also a lovely tree mural on the wall, which is perfect for us as an outdoor loving family. I'm wanting to do a little woodland inspired theme in his room and have been in search of some lovely pieces I can add to his decor.

I've been contemplating moving him from his cot into a toddler bed. It'll be a big move for us - Tyler stayed in his cot until he was three - but I think a little toddler bed would look lovely in his room and I keep stumbling across some gorgeous designs! Lionshome offer a huge range of great toddler beds. I also love the house bed surround and think it would be lovely to create a little 'treehouse' of sorts in his room.

I have found the most amazing wallpaper ever from Jimmy Cricket. It's their woodlands dusty blue wallpaper, which couldn't be more perfect, whimsical or beautiful for a woodland themed bedroom. It is stunning and I need it in the house!

This bambi fitted sheet is just adorable! Beau currently has the rabbit bed sheets from The Little Art Collection and this would be perfect for his woodland room theme too. I think his new Winnie the Pooh Dream Blanket from aden + anais is perfectly in keeping with a woodland themed room also.

He already has some beautiful woodland animal themed prints from Desenio on his wall but I'd love to add more woodland themed prints and some shelves to the walls to display some little knick knacks and pretty things. I've seen lots of gorgeous things on Etsy that would be perfect to display in his room - Etsy has some wonderful finds waiting to be discovered!

These twig letters are such a beautiful idea too! I think they'd look lovely on his wall, although I think a simple 'B' would look great on it's own above his dresser. I'd also love some little wooden hanging birds to hang off the hooks on the tree mural.

I think overall, I'd like his room to be a cosy space, with lots of beautiful things to look and and fun to play in aswell. I'd like to be able to bring a sense of the outdoors indoors and share our love of the outdoors in a room of the house - Beau's room being the perfect space.

Do your children's rooms have a theme? If so what is it? I'd love some design inspiration!


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