Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Decorating the Children's Bedrooms with Beautiful Prints from Desenio ♥

 *This is a collaborative post with Desenio. If you also fall in love with the prints in this post, the code "dollydowsie" gives 25% off posters between 9th - 11th of January - *except for handpicked/collaboration posters and frames.

Home decor is one of my loves in life. It's a topic I've written about many times before and I love seeing how other people decorate their homes. One area of home decor which I'm particularly interested in is artwork and prints.

Living in a rented house, prints are my artwork of choice. They're so easy to pop into a frame, hang on the wall with some easy removable strips or place standing on a side table. I also love using washi tape to display artwork on the walls and luckily, Desenio had products on offer for me to display my prints in both these ways.

If you're not aware, Desenio is a luxe print brand, with a range of beautiful styles to suit all tastes and room decor. Desenio's prints are also affordable and with their range of frames and washi tapes on offer, they have everything you need to inject some beautiful prints into your home decor. 

exploring poster // rockstar poster // big brother poster //shine little star poster // rules of a superhero poster 
I fell in love with their range of kids prints and thought they would be the perfect addition to the boys bedrooms.

by far the best is you poster // exploring poster // little deer poster // little rabbit poster // together is our favourite place poster // ice cream blue poster 
For Beau's room, I chose some watercolour prints to hang in frames above his cot, along with some typography prints too. I chose a mixture of larger and smaller prints to make a little collage piece on the wall. I also added some fairy lights just for a bit of whimsy. I chose white frames for the prints as I love the clean and classic look for displaying artwork.

For Tyler's room I went with a slightly more 'grown up' theme of monochrome and typography. I used gold washi tape to stick his prints to the wall and I absolutely love how the gold looks with the black and white.

The boys are thrilled with the new additions to their bedroom walls, as am I. The prints have been the perfect addition to the decor in both boys bedrooms and they've really made a style statement on the walls too.

I'd highly recommend Desenio to anyone who's looking for some fun, beautiful and unique prints to adorn their home with. Ordering was easy, delivery was super fast and the prints themselves are just stunning.


  1. I love their prints too. We have them all over the place in the house. xx

    1. How lovely Janine! They really do add to the decor x

  2. These are gorgeous! Stuff like this makes me so broody haha :)


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