Friday, June 15, 2018

My One Week Experience & Results With ♥

 *This is a collaborative post, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

Since the end of January, health and fitness have become a big part of my life. I was so unhappy with my weight and my general health and I knew I had to make a change. Since that time I have joined the gym, been eating healthier than ever before and have also upped my daily walks pushing Beau up and down hills in his buggy.
I have already lost 20lbs this year through my efforts, but recently I found myself in a plateau - still doing all the right things but my weight would not go down on the scale, it even went up a couple of pounds too. I put this down to building muscle (which is heavier than fat), as my arms, stomach and legs are all much more toned then they have been in years. But still, the frustration of not getting the results I wanted or expected was getting me down.

I was then introduced to - a new, innovative, customised app which helps you to naturally lose weight and build muscle. This sounded really interesting to me and I was keen to give it a try as losing weight naturally is something I'm passionate about and want to promote.

I have used the MonacoFit Premium programme for one week now and am finding it so useful in my weight loss effort. It was very easy to set up and customise my profile to suit my needs and goals.

When setting up my profile I was able to set a clear goal for my weight loss and fitness. By filling in my stats, MonacoFit was able to give me an overview of my body fat percentage and what my desired body fat is from the goals I have set. It's great to have the stats set out in front of you each day and you can log your weight as you lose it.

Each day MonacoFit gives you different meal options - with a picture of how it should look and a recipe to follow. MonacoFit allows you to choose what foods you like and dislike to tailor a nutrition plan just for you - I thought this was great as I don't eat fish, etc. and it was nice to have my plan tailored for my tastes and preferences as this means I'm more likely to stick to it.

All of the meals set out in my plan were absolutely delicious and although they were healthy, they weren't boring or bland. For example, on one particular day breakfast was yogurt with fruit, lunch was cous-cous with veg and dinner was lettuce wrapped chicken breast. Snacks were things like carrot sticks with hummus, breakfast cereal with fruit and strawberry crackers, etc. Everything was delicious, easy and quick to make and the variety of flavours and foods set out in my nutrition plan were fantastic too.

Each day MonacoFit also gave me a different workout to try and again, it was great to have variety with this. They have great fat burning workouts for beginners. Workouts consisted of things such as a 40 to 60 minute jog or fast paced walk, which I do each day anyway, so it was great to count this as one days exercise. There were also full body workouts, which come with instructional videos so you can see how it's done and do the workout properly. The workouts were really well thought out and were perfect for toning and slimming the parts of my body that I want to improve the most - my arms and stomach.

These workouts were fantastic for the days when I couldn't get to the gym, as I could just follow the video tutorials and workout from home. It meant that I didn't feel as though I was slacking on exercise and I was still getting in my fitness routine for the day.

From just one week of following the nutrition and fitness plan gave to me I lost 3lbs. This was an amazing result for me and hopefully this means that I'm over my plateau stage! My jeans now fit comfortably and I'm even wearing a size 14 trouser - something which I could have only dreamed about back in January when I was a size 20! has been really beneficial to me and I'll continue to lose the app and hopefully see more positive results over the coming weeks.

I would highly recommend MonacoFit to anyone like me who does best losing weight when you're following a set nutritional plan. Having healthy recipes and meal suggestions in front of me really helps me to stay on track and keep away from processed or unhealthy foods.

It's also a great app to invest in if you're looking to find some great exercises which you can do at home. Being a busy mother of two it can be hard for me to go to the gym every day, but with, I'm able to still have a complete workout and not fall behind with my exercise goals. 

So if you're looking to make a change to your diet and fitness, I highly recommend, not only is it a great aid in weight loss but it's a lifestyle changer too.



  1. I like these plans that provide you with meals and inspiration because as a busy parent of two I don't have time to think of different meals each day!

  2. I've never heard of MonacoFit before, but sounds like a really easy-to-follow weightloss programme. I may have to give it a try - i like the way it tailors meals to suit your tastes x

  3. 3lbs in a week is just awesome! Keep goin, soon even smaller trousers will fit x

  4. I love the idea of this especially if your busy. I know having an 11 Month Old , I would love these :)


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