Friday, February 23, 2018

Perfect Gift Ideas For Women ♥

 *This is a guest post.
With several holidays throughout the year such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas and the compilation of other accomplishments that happen throughout the year – there is almost always a reason to celebrate a special woman in your life.

If you are anything like me, rather it is your significant other, your mom or another female relative, you love to spoil the special women in your life.

Showering her with gifts that make her feel both appreciated and beautiful gives you joy and it also gives you a chance to show her that you do pay attention to the little things in life she finds lovely in life – such as new jewelry, art, or clothing.

But, I am sure we all share the frustration in trying to decide what the best gift for her is.

Rather the special woman you are celebrating is artistic, a fashionista, or an incredible mother and homemaker who just wants new things for her little one, a few of the best gifts for her include:

 A personalised linen basket. I’m sure every parent out there can just feel my pain when thinking about how messy and unorganized the nursery of a new baby can become and somehow, it just happens so quickly. But, a linen basket is a great way to hide some of the clutter while still keeping it easily accessible and stylish. I love the blue spot storage bag I was given for my son and he still has it now.

For the decorating new mother, consider personalised nursery items.

Personalised gift stickers. For the more artistic woman, consider personalised gift stickers. A personalised item shows you were really thinking of her and that you pay close attention to detail. She will be able to use these great gift stickers to mark a finished project as her own.

Jewellery. For the glamorous woman in your life, try adding a little bling to her closet. Rather it is a flashy pair of diamond earrings or a simple, but elegant, charm bracelet, she is sure to love your thoughtful touch to her jewelry box. For a mother, jewelry personalized to include her children is a great way to tug at her heart strings. Try something like a handprint necklace with a small engraving of her child’s handprint on the necklace – she will be able to carry a piece of them with her wherever she goes.

Clothes. If your special woman is a fashionista, consider getting her a new outfit. A great dress could be just the staple outfit her closet is lacking. If you are planning to take her out for the special occasion you are celebrating, give her the outfit ahead of time to wear for your special night out.

 A care basket. A personalised care basket is the best way to incorporate all of her favorite things. Gather a few of her favorite snacks, her favorite bottle of wine, lotion and bath accessories and maybe a new robe – creating your special woman an at-home spa experience. A care basket is a great way to encompass all of her favorite gifts while providing her a relaxing and very useful gift for any occasion.

I've shared my DIY new mum and baby gift basket before, which is a lovely thing to gift someone who's just given birth to let them know you're thinking of them.

Gardening tools. For the homemaker and woman with a green thumb, try adding a few luxury gardening tools to their collection. She will appreciate such a well-thought out gift and one that will give her something to do for hours and hours.

No matter the occasion, there is almost always a good reason to spoil a special women in your life.

Ultimately, the more thought and personality you put into whatever gift you give her the better it becomes. While money and material things are nice, she will appreciate the thought and love you put into the gift the most.

Next time you are shopping for the best gift for her, consider what she enjoys and what is extra special to her.

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