Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Christmas Eve Box/Basket For Kids | What To Include ♥

Putting together a Christmas Eve basket to give to my son is a tradition which I began for his first ever Christmas back in 2013 and it's something which I've continued to do every year since.

You can see all the Christmas Eve baskets I've put together for my boy throughout the years here.

I think it's something I'll always do for him, and now for his little brother too and I just love seeing his little face light up and he discovers everything in the basket - all of which keep him happy, entertained and feeling festive on Christmas Eve.

I haven't yet put together Tyler and Beau's Christmas Eve baskets for this year - they're the only thing I have yet to organise for them for Christmas, but I thought I'd share some ideas on things which I'll be including or which are nice to include, for anyone who is after some Christmas Eve basket inspiration for their little ones.

What I always include -
Christmas themed pyjamas to wear to bed on Christmas Eve
A variety of Christmas themed books to read throughout Christmas Eve - I always save The Night Before Christmas for bedtime
A Christmas bath bomb from Lush
Sweet treats - Milky Bar buttons, Kinder chocolate, Smarties Christmas edition chocolates, chocolate coins and lollies and Jelly Tots are always winners in our house

Other things I've included throughout the years -
Bath crayons
A cuddly toy
Christmas hand puppets
Yankee Candle votive and wax tart melt
Christmas cup and plate
Hot water bottle

Other great ideas to include -
Traditional sweet jars - perfect for sharing amongst siblings or with parents for a bit of nostalgia
Christmas movies 
Slippers and/or fluffy socks
Reindeer mix
Milk bottles with straws
Hot chocolate and marshmallows
Colouring book and colouring pencils/crayons/markers
A 'magic key' for Santa if your house doesn't have a chimney
Candy canes
A letter from Santa

No matter what you include in your children's Christmas Eve Box/Basket, they're sure to love it. The contents don't have to be expensive, it's just something for them to enjoy on Christmas Eve to get them excited for the magic of Christmas Day.


  1. I love the idea of this but because the kids are already getting something on the 6th December for St Nikolaus, this is basically their Christmas eve box. I dont want to give them too much.

  2. oh these look fantastic, might try some of these for my son x

  3. This is such a great idea! Thanks to share with us! xx

  4. These are lovely Christmas Eve boxes.


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