Friday, November 10, 2017

What the Boys Wore | Hand Knitted Baby Bonnets by Knitbylesley ♥

I don't know about you, but for me there is nothing sweeter than a baby in a bonnet. I guess I just love anything that is quintessentially baby-like or that has a nod to vintage baby charm, so when I spotted a shop on Instagram that made hand knitted baby bonnets I just had to buy some for Beau.

What was even better about this shop is that it's run by a lovely fellow Irish lady names Lesley, who makes all the bonnets herself. I love to support small business and I'm even happier to support when that business is also an Irish business too.

How beautiful are these bonnets? I think people may deem them to be a little too girly for a boy but you know what, I don't care, I think they're absolutely beautiful and suit him perfectly. If I could dress my boy in vintage outfits and knitted bonnets everyday of the week I would!

I chose a baby blue with grey fur trim as I thought these shades would be perfect wintry colours. The fur-trim makes for the perfect photo prop too, it just frames his face perfectly and keeps him all cosy and warm.

Green isn't usually a colour I'm drawn towards, but when I saw this green bonnet with the lace and pearl trim on Lesley's Instagram I just knew I needed to have it for my little red-haired babe. The green suits his colouring perfectly and I think it's also a great colour for Christmas and St. Patrick's Day too so it's a win all round!

You can find Lesley's beautiful hand knitted bonnets over on her Instagram @knitbylesley

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