Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Adding A Personal Touch To Your Interior Design ♥

When we decorate our homes, we can often become so caught up in trying to make things look like a showhome or a property fresh from a home maintenance magazine that we end up with ten a penny interior design. I mean, the idea is nice: everything pristine and in the right place. No spilled drinks, paw prints on the carpet, or crumbs in the bed. But what makes a house a home? The personal touches of course! You want people to step into your home and know that it’s yours. If you’ve ever been in a property that genuinely looks like it could fit into a professional, glossy publication, you’ll know that it actually has quite a cold, sterile, and eerie feeling to it. Balancing comfortable living conditions with stunning aesthetic design can be executed effortlessly, with the help of a quality interior decorator in Melbourne. So, here are a few ways to avoid this chilly atmosphere and personalize your property, giving it your signature style.

Personalised Kitchen Utensils

There are so many small and subtle ways to incorporate your family and their tastes into your home. Personalised kitchen utensils are one of them. Shop around online, as there are various options available. From wooden spoons engraved with illustrations of your family members, to stamped cutlery with your names on the handles.


Nowadays, most of our photos are online. We file them in folders on social media for the world to see. But what about good old-fashioned photographic prints? There’s something so rich and authentic about a picture taken on film and mounted in a frame. Try filling your walls with some of your favourite shots of your little ones, pets, friends, and family. For a modern look, try out white picture frames from Best4Frames. For a traditional, decadent style, try heavy gilt frames in shades of gold, silver, or bronze. Alternatively, you could have canvases made up. If you prefer to keep your walls plain, you could opt for smaller, free standing frames that can be left on windowsills, bookshelves, or desks and worktops. There’s truly nothing better than to be surrounded by the familiar and loving faces of your nearest and dearest.

Wall Hooks

Your home is well lived in, and that’s a good thing! So don’t feel the need to tuck all of your personal possessions out of sight and out of mind. Add hooks to your walls so you can hang certain frequently used belongings in easy-to-reach places. Perhaps small hooks for your house keys, or larger hooks for coats, hats, and scarves near the front door. Not only will this save you time rummaging around in drawers to find what you need before making an exit from the house, but it makes the general space seem more warm and welcoming.

These are just a few simple ways to add a more personal touch to your property. They’re cheap and easy to instate. So why wait? This is your home, and it should be an outward representation of you and the other individuals who live within its walls: the more personalized to fit your needs and aesthetic, the better.

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