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7 Of The Best Photographic Locations in Cork & When To Visit Them ♥

The other day I Googled - 'good outdoor photography locations in Cork' and could find no information at all apart from places to photograph buildings or places of interest around the city - both really not my thing when it comes to photography.

I was hoping to spread my horizons and find a new location to take pictures of my boys in, but sadly there were no recommendations of beautiful outdoor locations, so I thought I'd share six of my favourites on the blog today, for any other photography lovers who are looking for some gorgeous natural backdrops and locations for their photos.

I was hoping to pop along to the orchard at Barryscourt Castle in Carrigtwohill but it's closed for renovations. I then went in search of a pumpkin patch, but that's something we lack here in Cork, so I'll just have to go back to the drawing board when it comes to finding somewhere for nice autumal shoots other than the woods.

I prefer places where I can take pictures of my family surrounded by nature, open spaces where the background is just as beautiful as the people in the shot and ever since my passion for photography ignited, I've discovered some beautiful locations around Co. Cork which are perfect for taking some beautiful shots outdoors. Whether it's family shots, wedding pictures or just beautiful nature photography you're after, these locations really do have it all.

Ballyannan Woods, Owenacurra Estuary (just outside Midleton).

This is a location we discovered for the first time in May, having gone looking for a place where there was lots of bluebells to be found. I think it's fair to call this place 'the bluebell woods' because there literally were bluebells everywhere and that was with us visiting at the end of the season.

When to go? April and early May are the best times to visit to see all the bluebells in their full glory and make the most of them as a beautiful photographic background.

Blarney Castle & Gardens

Blarney Castle is a place we frequent multiple times a year, although not for the lovely castle (although this does make a great photo backdrop too), but for the amazingly beautiful gardens they have there. There are so many parts to the gardens, all offering something different - flowers, trees, a little waterfall, etc.

When to go? We go every February to celebrate our eldest sons birthday and photograph him amongst the daffodils and snowdrops. However, last year the daffodils had bloomed a bit early so January and February are the months to capture those. The summer months are perfect for capturing all the beautiful flowers in bloom and making the most of the stunning trellis walkway they have their too.

 Fota House & Gardens

This is a place we frequent a lot as it's great to let our son run free and the gardens offer a perfect backdrop for pictures. There's lots of mossy tinged trees, flowers and grassy areas which are great for capturing natural looking shots. There's also a lake with a beautiful lookout point and staged stone steps which are lovely for posing for pictures too.

When to go? February is a great month to go to capture the carpets of snowdrops and daffodils which appear by the stone steps. The summer months are also great for capturing the flowers in bloom. If you're looking for autumnal shots then October is a great month to go to capture shots amongst the fallen leaves.

O Keefe's Woods, Ballynacrusha, Cobh

This is another place we go to often as there's a fairy wood here, perfect for letting the little ones imaginations run wild. The woods offer a beautiful lookout point over East Cork and there are so many lovely places in the woods from a metal bedstead growing out from a tree, stick dens and lots of fallen trees to sit on. Also, it's a very quiet place so it's perfect for taking pictures in peace.

When to go? My favourite time of year to visit is autumn to make the most of the trees and the fallen leaves.

'The Sunflower Field', Rossleague, Cobh

This is a place I discovered by chance while taking my sons to back of the island one day. Driving along I noticed a patch of yellow over the hedgerow and when I stopped I was delighted to see that there were lots of sunflowers and a gap in the hedgerow to enter the field. These made the perfect summery photo backdrop.

When to go? August is the best month to go to capture the sunflowers in their full glory.

The Old Head of Kinsale

This is a beautiful location if you want to have the sea as a feature in your photos. The cliffs and the wild flowers growing on the Old Head make a lovely backdrop for photos too. Although, if you're visiting with small children, do make sure to have reins attached to them or carry them in slings for safety.

When to go? The summer months through to September are the best times to visit to capture the flowers in bloom - and the sunshine of course!

Roches Point

The beautiful lighthouse and beach at Roches Point make a great backdrop for photos. The little coloured houses have been called 'Balamory' by people on my Instagram feed and it's just a beautiful place to visit and photograph at.

When to go? March through to September are lovely months to visit Roches Point, especially on a sunny day.

These are just some of my favourite locations to capture beautiful photos of my family in the great outdoors. I'm sure there are lots of other stunning locations dotted around the county, I just haven't had the chance to visit or discover them yet. If you know of any other great photographic locations around Cork then please do share them with me.

I regularly find beautiful spots to photograph in by chance whilst I'm driving. I prefer to photograph outdoors and try to find the most beautiful natural backdrops for my photos, however, I always make sure that my family and I are respectful to nature and to other people's land and I hope others will do the same.


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  1. Thanks for this guide! I visited Cork ages ago and unfortunately I did not have a good tour guide. ): I wish he had shown me at least one of those amazing places!


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