Monday, October 17, 2016

Change The Life Of A Child | Why You Should Sponsor An Orphan Today ♥

Sadly, there are millions of children in the world today who have lost one or both parents. For many of these children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, this loss denies them of the happy, healthy childhood which they deserve and means that they can’t go on to achieve their dreams as adults.

However, charitable organisations, such as, give you the chance to help to change the course of a child’s life through sponsoring an orphan.

The above video is very powerful and shows why these children are in need of help, but in case you're in need of more information, here are five reasons you should take this transformative action today and sponsor a child in need:

1. Food
According to the World Food Programme, poor nutrition causes 3.1 million deaths in children under five each year - that’s half of all deaths in this age group. In developing countries, where the vast majority of the world’s hungry live, about 100 million (one in six) children are underweight and one in three is stunted. By sponsoring a child, you can help ensure that they have adequate sustenance to stay healthy, develop normally, learn and play.

2. Water
In the world today, over 650 million people lack access to safe water and every day almost 900 children die because of diarrhoeal diseases brought about by contaminated water and poor sanitation. Your donation could help make sure that a child has access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation. Not only could this help to keep a child disease-free, it could also protect their dignity and well-being by preventing them from having to defecate out in the open where they may be at risk of attack.

3. Shelter
There are approximately 150 million children in the world today that live on the streets, many of whom have been made homeless by the death of one or both parents. These children, who often have no choice but to beg and scavenge for food, are at risk of malnutrition, disease, exploitation and abuse. With your support, charities can take these vulnerable orphans under their wings and provide them the shelter of an orphanage or foster home where they can receive the protection, care and emotional support that all children deserve.

4. Medicine
Everyone has a right to life-saving safe and impartial healthcare, but unfortunately many children do not have access to even the most basic medical treatment. You can help to ensure that babies are delivered safely, children receive immunisations to help them stay healthy and can consult a doctor when they are unwell by pledging money to a child.

5. Education
Education is a powerful tool for helping children to escape poverty and create better lives for themselves and their communities. These barriers include, but are not limited to, poverty, political conflict, and gender inequality and lack of infrastructure, resources and qualified teachers. By supporting a child financially, you can help to give them the education they need to progress, no matter what their race, religious or gender.

Remember that when you sponsor a child, you are not only assisting that individual - you are also helping to improve a whole community of people in need and that is such an amazing thing to support.

Every child deserves a childhood, to be healthy, happy, safe and have access for food and clean water. It's not a privilege but a human right and by sponsoring an orphan you are helping to save a child and give them a chance in life.

*This is a guest post on behalf of, a charity who I have made a donation to also.



  1. Wow it really is eye opening when you read stats like 650 million people lack access to safe water. I really think North Americans and developed countries take these basic daily necessities for granted. Thank you for opening the eyes of so many to help this cause.

  2. I came from a disadvantaged background and education has completely changed my life. If I hadn't received a full university scholarship, it's unlikely that I would've had a career, let alone one that would've brought me to Europe where I met my husband and started my own business. I will always be grateful to the people who generously funded my scholarship.

  3. This just breaks my heart. It is hard to think that there are 150 million kids on the streets! That is just not okay. I think we are so blinded by what the rest of the world really is like.


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