Saturday, April 23, 2016

Orchard Toys New Baby Lotto Game | Review ♥

Now that Tyler Lee is a bit older we've begun introducing him to board games and more challenging puzzles. We had never played board games with him before we were asked if we'd like to review two from the lovely people at Orchard Toys and we were delighted when the games arrived, we couldn't wait to explain the concept to him and have a good old-fashioned family game night.

The game we were sent was New Baby Lotto - a game which we thought was quite fitting considering that we'll have a new baby in the house in three weeks time - eek! The idea of the game is that each player (up to four) gets a large card depicting a room in the house with a baby and the different things a baby needs in those rooms - bathroom, kitchen, nursery, there are smaller cards with the items on them which a player chooses in turn to try and find everything in their picture. The person who finds all the items in their picture the first wins - of course, Jacek and I had to let the little one win, this is his first ever board game after all.

New Baby Lotto is suitable from two years and the concept of the game is simple enough for little ones to understand. Matching the pictures to the bigger board really helps little ones to use their memory skills and it also keeps them interested in the game too. Now Tyler Lee is the type of child who doesn't want to be shown what to do, he'd rather work things out for himself, so it did take him a little while to get used to the rules, taking turns and understanding that only one big board was for him - he wanted to match the pictures on them all!

New Baby Lotto has helped us in preparing Tyler Lee for his new sibling, which I'm very happy to say that he is genuinely excited about meeting. The pictures and scenes depicted on the cards have helped us in showing him what a baby needs at different times during the day and it's lovely to think that he already feels involved when it comes to the baby.

New Baby Lotto is priced at £9.50 - a great price I think and it is available from the Orchard Toys website, where you can browse their other lovely games and puzzles too.

*We were sent this game for the purposes of this review, as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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